Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Beauty in the Home (Pump Soap)

As I truly am trying to live a more intentional life, I thought it would be helpful if I posted a simple homemaking tip every Tuesday to hold myself accountable to my New Year's resolution.  Thus, "Tuesday's Tip".

And first up...pump soap.  Yes, I really am blogging about pump soap!

Whenever I visit my parents' home, I love visiting my mother's guest bathroom.  She always has the most fragrant pump soap for washing hands and a beautiful hand towel for drying.  It makes visiting her lavatory an enjoyable experience! 

But when my husband and I came to the decision that I should stay home, we needed to make some drastic spending cuts.  Lots of frivolous spending went away including magazine subscriptions, expensive eating out, and pump soap.

As in...pump soap from Bath & Body Works.

And I've really missed it.  While "Equate" pump soap from Walmart certainly does the job...it's not a very "joyful" way to wash one's hands!

And so, while shopping at Bath & Body Works for some holiday trinkets for my two sweet babysitters, I "splurged" on some scented pump soaps.

And you know what?

Almost immediately our house began to feel more like a home!

Mistletoe Kiss is in our guest bathroom and kitchen...and Ribbon Candy in the children's shared bathroom (which doubles as a "guest bath" when my parents come to visit).

A simple folk art Santa hand towel complemented the fruity/woodsy fragrant smell of the pump soap and made my first floor 1/2 bath a cozy and inviting place to wash up.

For the children's shared bathroom, I went with "Ribbon Candy" to complement the pastel colors I have in their bathroom including their lime green hand towels.  An unforeseen bonus...my kids LOVE washing their hands with it!

And while I probably won't purchase expensive pump soap for their upstairs bathroom throughout the year, I definitely plan on keeping "fancier" pump soap in my first floor guest bathroom for both visitors and my loved ones.

After all, we should decorate our homes for ourselves and our loved ones.  Don't we deserve to be treated as "guests" in our own homes? 

"We choose how enthusiastically we live our time alive."
~Alexandra Stoddard, Time Alive: Celebrate Your Life Everyday


  1. I whole-heartedly agree! There is just nothing quite as luxurious as treating yourself to Soap from Bath and Body Works. And you know what, it's not all that much more expensive. It's a little luxury that goes a long way, in my opinion! :)

  2. I can so relate to this. Sometimes I get giddy over the simplest things and I wonder why it's taken me so long to just do it. It usually involves purchasing something I need but have been holding off on. Just last week I bought myself 2 new bras. Why did I wait so long! I love them. I also organized my big ol' walk in closet and it makes me so happy every time I go in there.


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