Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sewing on Saturday: Project 1/52 (Ruffle-Bottom Boutique-Style Pants)

Last March, (yes, nine months ago) I took a sewing class at a local craft store.

I never learned to sew while growing up and was "too busy" with other coursework to take Home Economics classes while in high school!  Who needs to know how to sew?!!!  Fast-forward twenty-five years...I do!  And it's not so much "a need" as "a desire".

Anyway, I didn't blog about it because I know myself.  I am a perfectionist, and sewing has been my nemesis.  If I can't do it "right" on the first try with this craft, then I usually give up. And, I did.  Give up.

But, my New Year's resolution is to live a more intentional life. 

Meaning, I really need to put the perfectionism aside and be more determined to learn a new skill and find enjoyment in the process.  Regardless of the final result!  :)

So, I am planning on creating 52 new projects throughout 2012.  I think I can manage 1-project a week given my "easy" skill level and can't wait to create clothing for my three kiddos as well as soft furnishings for my home and/or as gifts for others. 

Feel free to join me each Saturday as I "sew my way through 2012".  I plan to share tips and tricks that I learn as a novice, and would certainly appreciate any advice that you, dear readers, might have to offer! 

Happy Sewing on Saturday!!!

"Boutique Style" Ruffle-Bottom Pants

As you can see from the above photo, I struggle with even the most-basic of sewing skills!  The strip of fabric on top was my first attempt at hemming the ruffle.  My stitching was everywhere!  Then I remembered that I'm supposed to use "the guide" as my fabric feeds through the machine.  Thus, the bottom ruffle has a much neater hem line!

And you thought I was kidding about being a novice!

Here is my first attempt, ever, at creating a ruffle.  If you disregard my sloppy sewing skills, you might actually agree with me that it turned out cute, no?  Mary Catherine picked the fabric (pants are the polka dot fabric).  We wanted something "Fall/Winterish".  Darling daughter actually wanted the pants made from the "cheetah" fabric.  I vetoed that idea.  

My work in progress...from far-away these don't look too bad!  And wow...attaching that ruffle to the pant leg, about made me return to my old ways (of quitting!), but I persevered.

The "nearly" finished product.  I still need to add the elastic waistband, which I will do today.

Finally, a few pics of Mary modeling her new pants.

And I have enough fabric leftover to make a pair of ruffle cuffs to add to a turtleneck to make a coordinated outfit.  Which is perfect since I need to really practice those hem lines!

Some Simple Sewing Truths
(I learned along the way!)

  • Following an "EASY" sewing pattern is not as "easy" as it sounds for the novice.
  • Your seam ripper will become your best friend.
  • When in doubt...Google!  There are amazing sewing tutorials out on the web.
  • Novices really need to PIN their fabric when sewing seams, hems, etc.  Even if you've pressed your fabric.
  • Sewing is best done during naptime.  ;)
Here's the pattern I used...McCall's M6429
Favorite "YouTube" tutorial for creating ruffles to add to pants...


  1. Very Cute! Your endless talents amaze me.

    Did you go darker on the font. I don't know if it is the light in the room but I can see better.

  2. Hi Neen.

    Your kindness is too much! Endless talents-ha! But, thank you!

    And YES...I did go darker on the font...because of your comment. I'm glad that you can see it better. I had wondered about that light blue!


  3. Awesome! I'm so going to love this Saturday fun. I love the colors and patterns you used. Your daughter is adorable.

  4. These are way too cute. i love both prints! Mary looks adorable in them.
    You did a great job--stop picking on yourself so much!!!
    I'd do the same thing though. HA! HA! Wait until I start my crochet class in March. Tried it onece failed horribly but so want to learn how now. OH Golly!

    Loved your story on my current post.
    Very funny.


  5. I love to sew, but don't always take the time to do so. I love the idea of sewing your way through the year.

  6. Hi Valerie! Thanks for stopping by and for the New Year wishes, Happy New Year to you as well!
    I love this 52-project idea and look forward to seeing what you do!! Wow, you started with a bang, these pants are adorable!! They look so cute on your daughter! :)
    Amen about the seam ripper, so very, very true!!


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