Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

This month, I am excited to participate in "The Gentleness Challenge" sponsored by Courtney at
Women Living Well

Women Living Well
What a wonderful way to start off 2012!  Each Monday, during the month of January, Courtney will be sharing a video excerpt from her summer book club feature, The Ministry of Motherhood.  And while I have not personally read this book, my interest has been piqued by just a peek at the table of contents!

If you are a mother, I invite you to join us each Monday for tips, suggestions, and ideas on how to parent more gently during those, sometimes, trying moments that arise during the day.  Whether it is  when little ones get underfoot or big ones press our buttons, we've all been there!   Feel free to link up with us and share what works for you, or just visit a few of the bloggers who choose to link up and gain some inspiration or find camaraderie.  We are not alone in this business of mothering!

And what works for me...

I often find myself turning to the Blessed Mother during particularly stressful situations.  To help me keep my emotions in check...and from flying off the handle over little things...I stop and ask myself how Mary would have handled this situation.  (Although I imagine Jesus was a model child!)   This 10-second time out, seems to help me regain some self-control and see that the situation for what it really is.  While disciplining with grace is certainly more challenging, it is abundantly more beneficial. 

What works for you?

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