Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten...and Some Prayers Please!

On a positive note...

...this little one officially graduated from kindergarten today!

Such a sweet child!
Oh yes we did "dress up" for the last day of school!
First Day of Kindergarten.  An apple for her teacher.

Modeling her "Back to School Outfit" the night before for Daddy.
And see that baby swing in the background of the above picture?

Well...this little man will have none of that!  He hasn't for quite some time now.  
In fact...not only has he been crawling since about 6 1/2 months...he now pulls to standing and takes a few sideways steps!

One month old at the start of the school year...

Just shy of 10-months old at the end of the school year!
On a more somber note...
Please continue to keep southwest Missouri and east central Kansas in your thoughts and prayers.  

So many of my friends, here in Kansas City, have friends and family who have lost everything in Joplin (2.5 hours south of the metro)  The devastation is unimaginable. 

We are all on edge.  
Our NOAA Weather radio has gone off repeatedly since last Saturday night...all night long...and nerves are frayed.  And while I have tried to limit the amount of media coverage that my little ones have been exposed to about this particular tragedy (there have been so many all over our country and world this year!), they also need to understand the significance of what to do when we hear the weather radio alerts and actual tornado sirens warning us to seek immediate shelter.  Unfortunately those alerts and sirens have been constant.

It's just the reality of living in Tornado Alley. 


  1. Stay safe, and nice to meet you. :) I'm about to leave for work so don't have time to respond to everyone over at my own blog right now, but I wanted to say hello. :)

    Sweet pictures. My nephew started kindergarten this past fall, and it's still hard to believe he's even that old already.

    I'll be back here when I have more time....

    Best Wishes,


  2. Oh my, they are growing so quickly! So adorable too! We spent most of Chaz's field trip stuck in the storm shelter waiting out the tornado sirens ourselves. Keeping everyone else in our thoughts!

  3. Congrats on the kindergarten graduation. She is such a cutie girl.

    Also these tornadoes are so horrible I agree. As you know we are so close to you guys over here in Tulsa Ok. The weather has been terrible and the people being effected by all of these horrible storms its just heartbreaking. I'm definitely praying with you trust me. Power of prayer does work. Maybe we can all make a difference.

  4. Awe, the sweetness of Kindergarten graduation. She looks darling all dressed up.

    My heart is sad. Prayers are still with all those who are in need at this time.

  5. Your little kindergarten graduate is beautiful! Luke is just precious, I can't believe we will be celebrating first birthdays soon! They grow up so fast!

  6. Terrible what happened in Joplin! They are in my prayers and I do hope that You won´t get hit!!

    Take care!

  7. She's a pretty little lady!
    Congratulations to Miss Mary.

    We got to spend an hour on Wednseday with three Sped clasess
    hunkered in our room. I guess that was the time the tornado went through Louisburg.

    Love Tornado Alley.


  8. I can't believe you have a K-graduate! How fun! They grow up so fast.
    I've just been sick for my Missouri friends. I hate to think that anyone is suffering as much as they are out there. It's so sad.


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