Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bibbibi Bobbidi Boo...

Mary Catherine's friend, Aubrey, is turning 5...woo-hoo!

And to help these little princesses celebrate...Cinderella!

Mary is beside herself.

She has adorned her "Ariel" costume. I bought her a new tiara and did her hair in an "updo".

But we must be off, lest we be late for the ball!

More pics to come!


  1. Hi--
    Tried to comment with my phone last night during the storm but it wouldn't take.
    Mary looks lovely and I bet they had a great time!

    3 1/2 more days!!! Not that I am counting. :)


  2. wow, that's a beautiful up do. (I thought My daughter's was cute, but this is lovely!!) and love the tiara. and the way your little Mary Catherine is posing -- she's got Cinderalla down pat. such a beautifuk smile.


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