Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmhouse Gets a Facelift!

At the end of April, the "farmhouse" got a facelift.

We built and moved into our home in May of 2002 and after nine years, our simple "Greek Revival" needed an update. Not to mention, a fresh look and "do over" for the doors! (I tried my hand at "painting" the front door.  I wanted to go from a "forest green" to a "glossy black".  I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant (four years ago) and terrified of falling off the ladder so I made a giant mess of it!

Note to self...always hire a professional to paint the exterior of the house. A.) They know what the heck they are doing, and B.) they can complete the project in half the time that you can!

Without further ado, here is the 
"Extreme Makeover...Farmhouse Edition"!

It has been downright COLD here in Kansas this Spring.  (In fact, Mary was wearing a Winter coat on April 30th.)  As you can see from the photos, our trees had barely begun to bud.  Skies were dreary for almost the entire month.  And while I don't really have Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), I was singing the blues for warmer temps!  

I kept the coffee pot  brewing for "Painter Dave".   Some days, it would spit rain. On those mornings or afternoons he would work under the wrap-around porch.  Other days, no rain, but biting winds.  Painter Dave power washed the house and then caulked all the places that needed to be filled in.

Why, yes, we did almost burn down our house one afternoon while grilling out.

I never realized just how much white paint fades over the years.  I guess it bleaches out by the sunlight losing that fresh, crisp appearance.  Love how white and bright the house now looks!

I went with a beautiful rustic red for the front and back doors.  After all, if I can't live on a "real" farm with a red barn, I can play "dress up".  LOVE the "farmhouse" look that the red front and back doors add to the appearance.

I'm not quite down with our persona "Extreme Home Makeover".  I'm thinking of painting my porch rocker and swing black.  I think that they would pop against the white clapboard siding and nicely complement the red door.

I've also been looking for large black urns to flank the front door or perhaps an antique washtub.  I need to get to the flea markets soon.  My Boston ferns and petunias are lonely!  :)


  1. Oh wow, how beautiful!!! I love farm houses, so classic and pretty. I love the new bright white, and the red doors add such a nice touch!

  2. It is so beautiful. I am a tad jealous of that wonderful porch. The red doors are really nice.

  3. Your house is beautiful! I like the red doors as well.

  4. oh I want your porch. everything looks beautiful. !!!!!!!!!!!!


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