Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Extreme Makeover...Hairstyle Edition

When it's 94 degrees out...what's a girl to do?  
Get a fun and flirty haircut for a brand new summer "do"!

I can't even believe I'm posting this photo of myself.  Actually, I can't believe that I have been wearing my hair like this for months!  Ugh!


I told my hairstylist I was ready to go short.  And I mean short!
And even though I'm still getting used to it, (I felt bald in the shower!) I love the new look.  It is perfect for summertime!  I was really needing a "lift" (think cold temperatures, foot injury, weight gain, etc.) and a new hair do was the perfect remedy!

What do you do for a little "pick-me-up"?


  1. Cute style, very nice. I went in a few weeks back for something like that and they wouldn't do it. Our climate is so humad, I was told my hair would poof too much. Oh well, it looks great on you! I also love the new style bounce in spirit.

  2. Very cute! It looks like a very sassy and fun haircut. I just cut 4 inches off of my hair, but I need to do more. It is WAY too long.

  3. So cute! I've worn my hair the same way forever. But I just can't manage to cut it shorter than my shoulders. I have way too much hair.

  4. It is the perfect summer hair style. I think it is super cute. I keep thinking it is time to cut mine or at least thin it! Maybe add that color I have been thinking about.

  5. That's darling, Valerie!! for a pick me up, I get a manicure and sometimes a pedicure to go with it!

  6. Love the hair! You look beautiful!!

  7. Oh my! i love it!!! It's perfect and you look amazing! My pedicure was my pick me up the other day and it did the trick. I'm here for you always!
    Hugs and Love,

  8. LOVE it!!! Short and SASSY!!!

  9. Love the hair cut. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. It is wonderful to meet you. I do love Monica. My kids are quite a bit older than hers but she has so many inspirational things to say and I just try to adapt some of the things to suite my kids ages. I can't wait to read your blog more to get to know you.

  10. Thanks for your comments Valerie. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, I really hope that it improves as being in pain sucks!!

    Thanks also for your info for my question - I'm hoping it will work.

    AND...love the new do!


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