Monday, April 4, 2011


Why, yes...I did notice that her bangs are in her eyes.  They've been trimmed!
How was your weekend?


Our was hectic.  Not really my favorite way to spend a Saturday and Sunday, but Soccer Season tends to be like that.  Hmph!

I did manage to get a couple of cute pics of the kiddos, though!

I tried to convince Mary to be "No. 1", but she didn't quite get it...she wanted #10...because it was a "bigger" number!

This is Mary's 3rd season to play soccer.  An athlete she is not...but team player, positive attitude...perseverance...she displays!  (Those more important life skills, anyways!)

This is Benjamin's 1st season to play.  Definitely the better athlete...but totally most 4-year olds are at group sports!  

Still it was fun to watch this brother and sister duo take the field together.  This will be the first and only time that they are eligible to play together.  (Mary moves up to 1st/2nd grade league next year...if she plays.)  

Sunday was spent at the Kansas City Zoo...and at home planning the potager!  (I know, I'm late...I'm late...might have to aim for a harvest of Fall veggies since my window is closing for planting those tender Spring veggies!)

Happy Monday!


  1. We love playing fall soccer at our house.

    Thanks for giving me an update on the book, so I can make sure to get the one with all 4 in it.

  2. I miss the great sports weekends. Your kiddos are so big!

  3. Goodness... I am slow.
    Thought I am not Catholic I am not clueless on the Saints but clearly I am a bit clueless... the meaning of your blog title just dawned on me I am ashamed to say!!!!
    Thanks for your kind words about my sister's shower!
    Parisienne Farmgirl


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