Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs & Lilly Pulitzer

Today, I am linking up with Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound" to celebrate a very special Holy Saturday!

Last night we dyed Easter eggs.

*Disclaimer*  I hate dying Easter eggs.

My eggs NEVER turn out.

I have no idea why. I follow the directions. To the letter.  It's the teacher in me. 

(Maybe that's the problem...I'm a teacher/ruler follower at heart and not a crafter...)

See what I mean...

Then there was this...

Mr. Blue Eyes full of tears....running down his belly!

Luke was having none of this Easter egg coloring business!

Finally, I did spot these cuties while out shopping for the Easter Bunny.  Who knew Lilly Pulitzer fashioned animal crackers?

Wishing you all a blessed Holy pink Saturday!

P.S.  Don't forget to drop by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see other Easter celebrations this weekend!


  1. Your eggs look fine. Kinda a tie dyed effect.
    Haven't colored eggs forever. Use to do with my kids at school but we have a few now that would either try to drink the dye or dump it over.

    Have a good one.


  2. Been there done that! I feel for you and I got the same crackers for my youngest : ) One of these years I'll get those eggs right. Have a blessed Easter.~Theresa

  3. Beautiful blog..Thank you for sharing ~ HPS & Happy Easter~

  4. We do a traditional egg dye made of onion peels. Basically take an old pot, as this will stain, and collect as many red and yellow onion peels as possible. We usually take them at the grocery store and almost always get a weird look from the cashier - You want the peels only??? Anyway, put them into the pot and boil until the water takes on the brownish hue. We then take brown eggs and boil them in this water. You get lovely brown eggs. We then either scratch them with the edge of a knife, or you could use a wax crayon to make a pattern, the dunk into cooled dye, and the wax comes off under hot water. We always use a little butter/oil to make the eggs shine in our Easter basket.


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