Saturday, January 1, 2011

An American Girl Doll Kind of Christmas

I'm not even gonna lie.

To you or myself.

We spent waaay too much on gifts this year. Not meaning that we broke the bank, or even spent beyond our means, but our little ones did get some very special gifts this year.

As my title explains, it was an American Girl Doll Christmas at our house. And while I do find these dolls to be ridiculously expensive, I have to agree with my girlfriend's assessment that they are made of quality.

Mary very much wanted Felicity. For those of you not familiar with American Girl Dolls, Felicity is from the historical collection (or as Chris might feel after seeing the bill...hysterical collection) and represents an American Patriot family from 1774. (Cousin Elizabeth represents the American Loyalist family.) Mary also received Felicity's tea set and also a special outfit (tea dress).
Her expression is priceless!

Ben only wanted one toy and one toy only...Stinky the Garbage Truck. I can't even tell you how many stores I visited to track down this hot ticket item. But it was really the only thing he wanted. At least, the only thing he asked Santa for!
What could it be...
Buzz Light Year Ben with Stinky the Garbage Truck.
Sweet Pea got his very own Pillow Pet just like big brother and big sister.

And the fun is not over yet! Today, New Year's Day, we have one last Christmas Celebration. Christmas with my husband's family at our house. I am so excited about hosting and have some special deserts to share with you that I prepared for today.

Tomorrow, Sunday January 2, will be the start of my New Year as I begin to get myself organized for 2011. After receiving the gift of bearing a new life in 2010, I'm not sure 2011 can get much better!

Wishing you all a Blessed 2011,


  1. We sorta of did the same thing, giving our children the one thing they wanted for Christmas.

    Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas... Happy New Year.

  2. Love , love ,love their expressions.
    I still remember those times from my childhood.

    Yes, give me a call and we'll get our calendars coordinated.



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