Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Month Old!

This past Sunday, August 29th, Luke turned 1-month old.  Not quite sure how that happened…it’s all been a blur! 

In one month’s time, my 5-year old turned 6.  My 6-year old started kindergarten.  My 3-year old started preschool.  I turned 41.  My parents visited.  My in-laws visited.  My sister visited and my best friend visited. 

Aaaah, so that’s how one whole month passed! 

And, now it’s September.  Cooler weather has been flirting with us.  Not quite ready to make her appearance permanent… but she’s definitely given those of us in the middle of  the Heartland a break from those 90+ degree temperatures.  In fact, tonight it’s supposed to get down right chilly…lower 60s, upper 50s!  LOVE it!  Football preseason is underway…yes, Fall is definitely close.

This afternoon, Mister Luke had his 1-month check up.  Here are some stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz  (48th %) (Only took us 4 1/2 weeks to get past his birth weight of 8 lbs 12 oz after a hospital discharge weight of 7 lbs 11 oz.)

Length:  23 inches (90th %)  (That is one long, skinny kiddo!)

Size 1 Diapers and Size 0-3 months in clothing. 


What do you think…intentional smile or gas?  LOL



(This is my little man in his crib.  He is currently sleeping in a bassinet in our master bedroom, but will be transitioning to the shared bedroom in a few weeks. Big brother cannot wait!)

Sort of sad that he only wore “newborn” size diapers for about 2 weeks and never really did wear any “newborn” size clothing…he was skinny enough to wear “newborn”, but just too long for it to fit comfortably.  *sigh* 

Still nursing ‘round the clock…about every two (2) hours.  Does sleep longer at night…sometimes I get a three (3) hour stretch!  I’m exhausted, but not complaining. 

Looking forward to a long weekend with my little ones and husband over Labor Day.  Daddy is off-duty both Sunday and Monday this year and Mary is off from kindergarten both Monday AND Tuesday (teacher in-service) next week!  ( She is loving kindergarten so much, but I sure do miss that kid in the mornings!)

Wishing you all a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

P.S.  I almost forgot…and I reaaaalllly hate to do this, but I am enabling comment moderation on my blog.  I am so sorry to do this to those of you that follow, read, and comment regularly, but I’ve been getting some weird comments of late. 

And to those of you that are Chinese bloggers…not sure if your un-translated/non-English comments are spam, or just kind sentiments written in Chinese/Cantonese, etc., but just know this…My mother works for an internationally-owned corporation and has a Chinese co-worker (as in from China).  She has asked her co-worker to view/translate your comments…so…I’m on to you.


  1. Oh my, he is getting so big and is super cute!

  2. He's so darling....and the month goes by fast when you are sleep deprived!!
    I've gotten those Chinese spam too. I've wondered if they are exchanging drug drop off info or something! Such a pain!

  3. Hello--Big boy is getting B I G!
    Sounds like a busy weekend for you.
    Been there with the Chinese comments too.
    Take care!



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