Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christmas in September

When I was a child, I was fortunate to have grandparents that spoiled me.  Not just with clothing and toys, but with generous gifts of money in the form of U.S. Savings Bonds.

My parents diligently saved these savings bonds for my college education and they certainly came in handy when it was time to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses.

But somehow, several larger bonds got put aside, only to be forgotten about.  A couple of years ago, my father came across these savings bonds and turned them over to me.  Needless to say, they had matured!

I have had these savings bonds in my possession for almost two years now…almost paralyzed by their ability to pay for a large ticket item that I have wanted for years…a buffet and hutch. 

I have shopped furniture stores, hunted antique stores, and inquired at mom and pop shops about buffets and hutches, but just couldn’t pull the trigger.  Until last week.

I spied her in a huge furniture warehouse.  A “reproduction” piece that has that antique look about her, but is brand new.  A relatively large piece that does a terrific job filling up empty wall space on a relatively large dining room wall!  I waffled on natural wood versus painted pieces, but eventually decided on the old classic of stained oak.



See that little “touch me” tag?  Well if you gently tap on the hinge, it will turn on the interior lights.  You can tap it three times to change the intensity of the brightness.  I’m smitten with this piece and love it even more in my home than I did when I saw it on display!



Meanwhile, bored with Monday Night Football, this little cutie kept me company while I did this…





…unpacking wedding china.  For almost 17-years of marriage, these beautiful pieces have sat in storage.  Oh, I think I took them out once or twice to serve Thanksgiving or Easter dinner, but as my mother or mother-in-law has typically hosted the big holidays, I haven’t used them much. 

Not to mention, it was such a pain to unwrap, wash, serve a meal, wash and rewrap for storage because I did not have a buffet on which to store these beauties!  And while I know that the colors and gold-rims date these pieces, I still find beauty and happiness in them.  (They remind me of those early years…before a diagnosis of infertility or multiple pregnancy losses.  When wedding vows were full of innocence and promise.)



I found all of my water and wine goblets in storage as well.  Also gold rimmed.  :)  And, our toasting goblets.  Horribly etched with our first names and wedding date.  Do people even do that anymore?!!! 


(Sorry about the lighting…I’m still learning on my DSLR)

See…it really was Christmas in September at our house!  I can’t wait for Sunday dinners and family holidays at our  house as a sweet family of five with my three precious blessings!  After all, if you don’t use your “good” china, at least on Sundays, it will sit in storage for 17+ years.  And what “good” is that?!!!

Bonne Appetite and Merry Christmas!  :)


  1. My china looks very similar. Enjoy it is beautiful!

  2. How exciting that you were able to get the hutch! Its absolutely gorgeous. Congrats.
    Also, your wedding china is just beautiful. I love that you pulled it out so you can enjoy it. That's what its for to a degree.

  3. Love it!
    Looks great in your dining room.
    Somehow I missed this post.


  4. Love it..you have to give me the name of the furniture warehouse!!!


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