Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I have to admit it…I’m really not a football fan.  Something from my upbringing I suppose…well that, and attendance at an all-girl Catholic high school.  Friday night football meant one thing, and one thing only to me…boys.  Lots of cute boys that I hadn’t seen all week.  :)

But I digress.

Over the years, I have been a fair weather fan of my hometown’s NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Tonight, they play Monday Night Football…a huge coup for this struggling team that hasn’t been able to sell out games or even fill stadium seats over the past few years.

Tonight, they make their debut on Monday Night Football after a 6-year absence.  The Chiefs are also unveiling the newly renovated Arrowhead Stadium; a stadium and hometown team that once elicited fear in the hearts of other players.  Kansas City Chiefs fans were once something to be reckoned with.  Not so much in recent years.

Tonight’s kick-off time is 9:15 PM against the San Diego Chargers and the Chiefs promise to deliver an exciting line up of entertainment.  Fans holding tickets are asked to be in their seats by 8:30 PM.  Billy Ray Cyrus is scheduled to sing the National Anthem, and TRAIN is the halftime performance. 

I’m planning on watching just to see those two acts!

And so I ask you…are you ready for some football?  I know I am and I’m wearing my Chief’s RED to show for it!  I’m also planning on putting the kids to bed on time time and snuggling with my own little football!  Too bad Daddy’s on-duty, but I know the guys at the fire station will be watching the game for sure.

IMG_5539 Future quarterback? 

Be sure to drop by for a visit tomorrow when I reveal my latest acquisition.  It’s like Christmas in September at our house!



  1. Too cute! I can't say that I like football at all. I could blame our All-girls high school as well. I did love going to the football games at the guys schools though. I agree that it was more about just seeing the boys and not the game. Enjoy your cuddles! I promise that if your son does make it to a professional team at a QB I will watch.

  2. Oh yea! I'm ready for some football!
    Go Chiefs.
    I doubt if I make it through the
    whole game.


  3. He's a cute football indeed. I'll admit to being a huge football fan, but I just couldn't stay up for the second half of Monday Night Football. I guess except for the Dallas Cowboys (who played a horrible game), I'm more of a college football fan than NFL.


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