Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away, I Have a Kindergartener Starting School Today!

This morning our house was quiet.  Too quiet. 

The only sound to be  heard was that of the gentle pitter patter of rain on the porch and rooftop.

Benjamin was out running errands with Daddy.  Luke was snuggled in my arms nursing.  And Mary was at school.

Yes, our first born started her first day of Kindergarten. 



It was bittersweet for me.

Yet for Mary, it was all very exciting.  As it should be.  No tears.  No anxiety.  Just a face filled with the joyful anticipation of what’s to come…learning to read; adding and subtracting; forming new friendships. 

Yesterday morning, we spent about an hour up at school for Kindergarten Open House.  Mary’s teacher, Mrs.. Schlatter, had a scavenger hunt for her to complete. 

Copy of IMG_5197

Later that day, Mary and I decided on her first “Back to School” outfit.  I guess if you’re a kindergartener it is really a “Going to School” outfit!  We decided on a new shirt that Mary got for her birthday from Mimi paired with a fun, new plaid skort and tennis shoes that Mary and I picked out together.


(Last night Mary modeled her new outfit for Daddy.)

While out shopping, we picked up an apple for her teacher.  (I loved when my students brought me an apple on the first day of school!)

Copy of IMG_5212

We were just about ready to head to school…just one more thing…

Copy of IMG_5210

…THE backpack!  I special ordered this off of the internet and just love it!  Now, there should be no confusion for Mary as to who owns which backpack!

Copy of IMG_5208

Wishing all of you that are parents to school-agers, a successful start to the new school year!  May the year ahead bring lots of new opportunities for learning and fostering the unique talents and abilities in our children.


  1. Aw! How very sweet! What an exciting adventure :)

  2. I love the first day of school pics and the fact that she was excited to pic out her outfit. So cute.
    Hopefully she has a perfect year :)

  3. what a "big" girl! love the outfit. and that back pack. It definitely is bittersweet. Flower starts preschool this thursday.

  4. Love the pictures, Mary looks so grown up! Just think, she can use the same backpack next year.

    I can just imagine having a quiet house and listening to the pitter patter of the rain and holding a snuggling newborn in my arms, Heaven to my ears!

  5. Oh, she looks so cute. Glad to hear
    there were no tears--those are so hard for everyone.
    I hope she enjoyed her day and that
    her first year is full of fun and learning new things.
    We are in full swing--first full day tomorrow! Oh boy.
    Let's touch base soon!


  6. So precious. I just love to learn and to watch young people start that adventure. I hope that you were not too sad. Enjoy her and her wonderful brothers.


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