Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday…To ME & Baby Luke!

Today I am 41!  And while I normally wouldn’t  blog about such an insignificant number like 41 (I vowed that I would stop keeping track of the birthday “number” after age 40), I do feel incredibly blessed to have recently given birth to our newest blessing! 

Now that is something to celebrate!

Today, Luke Alexander is 4-weeks old and as cute as ever.  Following  is a week-by-week pictorial of our newest little man.  I plan to go to month by month photos from here on out, but couldn’t resist “officially” photographing him each week so that extended friends and family could see his growth.

And while we’re at it…can anyone tell me why 9+ months seems like an eternity to be pregnant and get to hold that babe in your arms, but once he or she arrives the clock begins to sprint ahead at lightning fast speed?!!!  The newborn stage is my favorite…even with ‘round the clock nursing sessions… and I can’t believe Luke is almost 1-month old!  Please slow down, Father Time!  I want to savor every minute of this precious babe’s infancy.







This week, Daddy’s paternity leave officially ended and he returned to the fire department.  That means 24-hours shifts…for mama too…but we’re all doing fine adjusting to the new schedule.

The only snafu was that Daddy didn’t plan too well with his return to work.  My sweet and thoughtful daughter went into a panic when she realized, last night, that Mommy’s birthday was today and Daddy had not taken her shopping.  (She really is extremely thoughtful!) 

And while she couldn’t convince her father to take her to the Dollar General or Wal-Mart at 9:00 PM last night, she did go to her room and make me the sweetest beaded necklace. 

She even wrapped her gift for me.  And placed it on the kitchen table for breakfast time!



Just in case I needed a reminder…that’s a giant, albeit backwards, 41 printed on the package!

The following photos were taken by Mary before school this morning. :)




I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift this year…


…being surrounded by the love of my three precious kiddos and wonderful husband.  I especially love watching my older two express their love for Luke!

What a wonderful life!

Oh…and don’t think I didn’t celebrate this wonderful life of mine even though Daddy is on duty today!  I treated myself to a caramel macchiato at Starbucks after driving big brother and big sister to preschool and kindergarten.  :)  Luke and I enjoyed a caffeine moment together!


  1. Well, I'll be darn--
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Luke is a darling--love the expressions on his face.
    That's a very pretty necklace that Mary made you.

    Happy day to you.


  2. oh my goodness!! I'm the 100th follower! what an honor :)

    your baby is so precious!! I want to jump right up to that glorious delivery day already (no...who said I was impatient?) lol

    your pictures are soooo cute, and the kids looks so much bigger than the last time i saw them!!!! so cutE!

    and you my dear look wonderful - and to think you even got a treat at starbucks - wow - very well done!

    SO SUPER to hear from you Val.

    Anne Marie


    I knew I forgot something - (can I blame it on prego-brain?)

  4. Happy birthday Val!!!
    I hope it was absolutely perfect :)
    I love the necklace. She did a very good job on it. Also baby Luke is getting so big (yet he's still so small). He is such a cutie pie.
    I hope your husband and your transition for him going back to work goes smoothly and you guys aren't too stressed.

    Also I want to thank you so much for you SUPER sweet comment you left on my blog today. I worry that I will loose all my blog friends. Dorky and silly I know but like you said, You feel like you know each other and I consider you ladies my friends.
    Things have been crazy lately and I cannot and should not and will not give up my 2-3 hours at night I have with my son each day for blogging no matter how much I miss it.
    I know things will settle down soon. I'm reading blogs but I just don't comment because I'm at work and don't want to get into trouble.
    Anyways, thanks for understanding. You have three. I'm going to need some serious pointers when I get to three. I will need a blog for them too. Since Cooper has one :)

    Ok, Happy birthday again, thanks again. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I agree, this is definitely a blessed birthday. And when you figure out why 9 pregnant months seem like forever, but the moment they are born time speeds up like crazy, please do let me know! :)

  6. I can't think of a better way to celebrate your birthday! He is getting so big so fast and you are enjoying every minute of it!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Awww, where have I been? I totally missed seeing all the updates until this one! Congrats on Luke! love the name. The pics are super duper cute. Mary is in K? So sweet! HOw is she liking it?? HOw is Ben handling the change of Luke plus Mary in school? Oh my your little girl is super sweet to make you a gift and even wrap it!

  8. How did I not know you shared a birthday with Clint?!

    I haven't heard from you in a while and I would say, "where have you been," but I think you've been a little busy with your THREE lovely kiddos.

    Glad to hear the adjustment for everyone is going well!

  9. Oh that is the SWEETEST and most precious gift ever!!! Something to treasure! Happy Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a great one! And Luke is beyond precious!!!! I love the picture of all 3 of them!
    Hugs and Love!

  10. Happy birthday to you!!! Sweet pics of your beautiful family:)

  11. Oh my goodness, you are truly blessed indeed! You look so in love with motherhood!
    Three darlings too!!!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  12. Happy Birthday! You truly are blessed.

  13. Happy Birthday- you look fabulous, hard to believe you just had a baby a month ago! Enjoy every minute- I have found it all seems to fly by even faster with the third (and fourth and fifth) baby.

  14. What a sweet daughter you have, and Luke is just precious.

  15. Valerie, Thank You for all your prayers. They mean so much to me. Did Luke or your older children ever fail the BPPs? Luke is perfect and beautiful.

    I pray that Baby Boy will be born healthy and safe.

    Thank You for sharing and taking your time to comment. Happy Birthday.

  16. Hi Valerie!

    Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting my blog!

    I'd love to make a Christmas garland for you and your order is next on my list to make!

    Please send me your mailing info and if you'd prefer to pay via Pay Pal or mail me a check!

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