Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're Home!

Mister Luke and I got home this afternoon. We are both doing well. In fact, our sweet little prince is doing even better at home than in the hospital. We had a feeding (i.e. nursing) setback which resulted in a greater than 10% weight loss during our hospital stay. While the nurses and lactation consultant seemed to be overly concerned by this, I knew that once we got to the privacy, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere of our home that Luke would get this nursing thing figured out. After all, this precious little soul has a bit of a learning curve to master where as mama is a two time nursing champ! Besides, at 8 lbs. 12 oz. he is a big boy and had plenty of weight to spare! LOL

Right now we are snuggled in bed together as daddy does the dishes downstairs. Daddy was also kind enough to load today's pictures on to his laptop so that I could blog from the comfort of my master bedroom as I try to catch up on some rest. (One really does not get much recuperation while in the hospital...nurses are in constantly assessing your pain level, checking c-section incision, monitoring baby's vitals, etc.)

My parents left this afternoon after their 4-day stay with us. I so appreciate that my mom, who is still working full-time, was able to take time off from her job to help Chris and me with Mary and Ben. I think that the older two were so well behaved because they got a lot of TLC from their "mimi and papa"! Tomorrow morning, Chris and Mary are picking up Grandma Kueter. Chris' mom is going to stay with us for the next three days to also help out with the older two. I understand that she has already prepared several meals for us for this week! Sweet!!!

I imagine my posts will be short and sweet for the next few days/weeks, but I know you all understand. I so loved and appreciated all your kind comments on Luke's arrival post! Also, so that I can blog in comfort, Chris is letting me use his laptop which does not have Windows Live Writer loaded. So, I'm back to using blogger to upload photos...not a lot of choice when it comes to altering size, font color, etc.

I'm off to catch up on my blog reading and visiting.

Wishing you all a good night,



  1. I am so glad yall are home and He has settled into the breast feeding! So glad you have had lots of great help! What a blessing! Take care! Hugs and Love,

  2. Oh, I remember that day! I did have a lot of sandals! Too bad I didn't see you. My arms were aching like crazy from carrying a basket full of stuff plus Baby for over an hour before grabbing my front carrier put of the car (which made shopping 100x's easier!)

    It sounds like you're having a relaxing recovery! What a great attitude about the nursing. I hope Luke does well with eating now that you're home.

  3. Congratulations Valerie! I missed yesterdays post. You must be so relieved and happy to be home with your new bundle of love. And very very tired! Thank goodness for Grandmas! Congratulations again to the whole family, I am so so happy for you all!

  4. Congratulations!
    I am so happy that everything went well. You sound wonderful!
    Babies are simply the best.
    Three little darlings.
    I look forward to watching Luke grow.

  5. The baby is beautiful and I love the "big sister" "big brother" shirts. How proud they look wearing them! Congratulations to you all and may God Bless your new family of 5!

  6. Good Morning--
    You guys are looking GREAT. Especially you after a c-section to boot. Luke is a cutie and Mary and Ben look like they are quite proud the their little brother.
    Sounds like Chris is doing a good job pampering you. Super job!
    I'll be giving you a call in a couple of days--right now I hope everyone gets lots of rest. I have said don't hesitate to call us if you need ANYTHING!
    Ken says "Hi and Congrats to all!"


  7. Oh congratulations Valerie! I've been missing in action as we're moving. He's beautiful!

  8. I´m glad ou are home and well! Just take a long vacation from us here in blog land, we return when You come back :-)
    Take care now!

  9. So glad you are home, I know we were so anxious to get back home too! Glad to hear Luke is doing so well, its so nice once they catch on to nursing! Those first couple days though...yikes! You are doing great keeping up with your blogging through everything, I wish I could have done so well. I need a laptop so badly lol!

    Well, many congrats again to you and your family. You have such a beautiful little guy (and family!!) and his big brother and sister must be so excited about him. What fun to be a family of 5 now!

  10. Great pictures. Isn't funny how fast you forget what life was like before. Your new family photos are wonderful.

  11. How wonderful that you are home, and both doing so well! Those are the sweetest pictures. My Kam had some weight loss too, and everyone was so concerned about it {and probably rightly so, she was almost 6 weeks early}. But once we could just have some peace and do our own thing, she was fine! She's now 18 months and still nursing strong ;)


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