Monday, April 12, 2010

First Holy Communion (Jacob)

It is hard to believe that a couple of weeks have passed since I last posted on our family blog.  I’m not sure where the time goes, or what I am doing in between (living life I suppose), but lately it seems like time gets away from me.  For sure there has been lots of cleaning and organizing going on, including trying out some new routines and systems to manage household tasks; as well as boxing up the children’s belongings so that bedroom moving can take place.  I really want everyone in their new rooms before Baby K arrives!

In the meantime, we celebrated Easter on April 4th and my nephew/godchild’s First Holy Communion on April 11.  Jacob was one of 5 children to receive this Sacrament in the Catholic church on Sunday.  He was so well-behaved (he can be a bit mischievous) and seemed very grown up that day!

My brother and his wife and kids live in this quaint little Missouri River community.  Their town is part of eastern Missouri’s wine country and located on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River.  This is their sweet little Catholic church!


Every bit as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.



My nephew’s banner that he made in PSR.


Here you can catch a glimpse of one of the Stations of the Cross as well as a sample of the beautiful stained glass windows. 


My nephew, Jacob, as part of the procession into Mass.  (You can see he’s trouble!) :)


He did take his job of bringing up the Offertory very seriously!


Presentation of roses to the parents.


Here, Jacob is returning to his seat after having just receive the Body of Christ.


Here, Jacob has just received his final Blessing, certificate, and First Holy Communion Bible.


After Communion, Father invited those children that were too young to receive Communion, the opportunity to come forward and receive a Blessing.  Here are my two cuties (as well as the back of my brother and sister-in-law’s heads! HA!).


All five candidates with Father.


My brother, John, and sister-in-law, Julie, with their son, Jacob.


My parents with Jacob.


Party back at the house which involved delicious food (my sister-in-law is a total foodie!) and of course, CAKE!


The rest of the afternoon was spent frolicking outside in the 80 degree weather…it was a beautiful day!  My sister-in-law’s sister (“Auntie Jill”) was kind enough to supervise (i.e. jump on the trampoline!) my kiddos.  Thanks, Jill!



It was a wonderful whirlwind trip to St. Louis and back, but I am just so grateful that I only live 4 hours away instead of 8 or 10!  I will say that my ankles (or should I say cankles) are not really liking all this car traveling at this stage of my pregnancy, but it’s nothing that a little exercise and H2O doesn’t fix!

Hoping that everyone else had a lovely weekend and Easter holiday!  I am hoping to make some visits to your blogs tonight.


  1. I loved reading about this special Easter! I visited my pregnant daughter over Easter break and she, too has cankles now! Poor thing, they look like the hurt, her feet swell and now today she told me her hands, too! Only a couple more months!

    When is your due date?
    It's nice to catch up again!

  2. That is just so wonderful! What a great post!

  3. It's soo good to see you again!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.
    Congratulations to your nephew.
    Sounds like the pregnancy is going well... keep hydrated, especially on these warm days we are having!

    See you soon!


  4. What a beautiful church! I like it when it is so "simple" in its decorations, It can be too much in many churches.

    Even we lutheran protestants thinks this is important, but we doesn´t take our first holy communion until we are around 15 years old. I´m not sure why we wait so long though.
    Have a great day now!

  5. That is such a beautiful post. The church is wonderful. Down here in Houston we have huge mega churches. Just too many people. While I love the communtiy that can be built that way I also miss the smaller church atmosphere so much.

    The joy Communion with our Lord and tasting Heaven. Wow such a cool day and it sounds like a wonderful family celebration followed. God is so good!

  6. what a gorgeous church. Congrats to your nephew on his first communion. Sorry to hear your car ride didn't go to comfortably but I'm glad your doing good aside from that. :)

  7. 我新來的~大家可交個朋友嗎(・ˍ・)........................................

  8. What a beautiful Church and pictures! I am glad you had a safe and fun trip! Thanks so much for the encouraging comment to my post. I agree with everything you said and I will be waiting for a potty

  9. so takes me back to my first holy communion. I see the little girls still wear darling dresses and veils.

    I am so happy to see that your pregnancy continues to go well :) Thanks to God!



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