Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday Post

If you are looking for my "Not Me Monday" post because you linked over from a comment that I left on your blog you are at the right place! I DID NOT author my "Not Me Monday" post last weekend, and when I went to post it today find that it dated itself from last week. You will need to scroll down a few posts to find it!

And just to thank you for the extra effort it takes to find my "Not Me Monday" post, I DID NOT come home one afternoon this weekend to find little hands dyed with green food coloring while Daddy was left in charge! Nope, not me! I WILL help you to easily link back to MckMama by clicking here.


  1. Too funny! I bet Daddy isn't the one who will be scrubbing those hands for days until the green wears off. You could just pretend that he is a mini Incredible Hulk and let him stay green!

  2. Thank you so much for the link - I'm always open to checking out all sorts of avenues for "housemom help"!

    Sounds like your boy has more than just a green thumb! :)

  3. SO CUTE*! Looks like he's about to fall to sleep on the window. :)
    _Ashley ~

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. come back any ol' crazee time. My daughter also has tubes--and I do not allow her to go swimming either .."wink wink"...

    Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the comment!! Yes my hubby takes care of my son while I work on a day or two that he has off! I never know what I'll come home too! Your son is adorable as well!!

  6. Hi Valerie,

    I did the 3 coloumn yesterday! I hope you had a great weekend away! Thank you so much for the compliments this morning on the girls! I appreciate it greatly! Once you get to read the new post you will see why I am flying high on life right now! I'm so over joyed! God has blessed us greatly and our adoption will be done much sooner than we had thought! What a blessings to find out yesterday! I really can't wait! Then last night Lil E made it all night in her own bed! I'm so happy! I know it is the smallest of things to make me happy! What can I say though! :)

    Do yall have a busy week ahead? We don't have a really busy week here, but this coming weekend, we are heading back home for my niece's graduation from High School! So proud of her!

    I love the green hands! Too cute and looks like he sure was having some fun!!!

    Hope you are having a great time visiting and a beautiful blessed day!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Hey Valerie,
    Thanks so much for the super sweet post on my blog. Even though you didn't find it before when this whole process started I'm sure I will have plenty of moments where I might need some advice. I always appreciate anyone who understands and is there to support and help us all through these things.
    What a blessing for you and your hubby to have such beautiful children. Ivf is definitely a huge blessing in our life as I can see it was in yours as well.
    Thanks again for the sweet message :)


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