Thursday, June 11, 2009

I *heart* Faces: The Vacation Edition (Gulf Shores)

As summer is upon us, we are at a crossroads in our house as to what to do for summer vacation. This year, finances must be taken in to consideration as mommy is no longer working outside of the home. Some of us want to go to the beach (ME) and an invitation has been extended by family in Florida; while others (DADDY) want to go to the mountains. I have to admit the Rockies are much closer to Kansas then the Gulf of Mexico! Regardless of what we decide to do, we are bound to make summer memories that last a lifetime.

For the past four years, we have vacationed down at Gulf Shores, AL. Probably the closest stretch of gulf/oceanfront property to Kansas City. We regularly rent our condo from the same sweet couple and have begun to think of them as friends. The majority of these photos were captured on the beach! Enjoy.

Yep, there's a baby hidden on that luggage cart! Sign should read, "Have Toddler... Will Bring Potty Chair".

Beach Shots

This little one was all tuckered out after sun, seafood, and souvenir shopping!

For other "vitual vacations" don't hesitate to click on the I *heart* Photography button at the top of this post!


  1. To chose btween the mountines and the ocean is a tough choise, both are great. What ever You choose it´ll give You a fantastic summer!

  2. Happy vacationing, whatever you choose.

  3. I can't ever turn down a beach so I would say the beach, but thats just me.
    Looks like you guys have so many good memories built up. So much fun. I'm sure whatever you end up doing it will be great.

  4. I would so go to the ocean. I love vacationing on the beach. There is something about walking in the sand and getting pics of the kids on the beach/ocean.

    It is hard to believe the kiddos grow so fast, looking at the pics. It seems like they just looked like that.

  5. Ah, the joys of traveling with children. You have to cart everything but the kitchen sink and sometimes you wish you had brought that! I hope you have lots of fun and make wonderful memories wherever you choose to go.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I sure hope that you eventually get your kiddo well. It's so frustrating. Adoreable kids by the way!

  7. Look at those little faces*!!! A trip to the beach sounds good to me. Friends of mine are leaving next week for Gulf Shores and I would love to be going along, but not this year. Have a great trip, where ever you decide to go.
    (((hugs)) _Ashley

  8. Hi again! Just wanted to let you know, I've tagged you to play along with a little crazy 8 game. You are welcome to play along if it interests you. If not, don;t feel obligated to play. It's just for fun and I understand that it's summer and you have your hands FULL! Have a great week with the kiddos!

  9. What a fun meme! I love pictures! And your pictures from the beach are just too cute! I love them! Looks like yall had lots of fun! I wish yall a great family vacation, no matter where you are headed this summer! May it be filled with lots of great memories and fun!!! Hope all is well your way! SOrry I haven't been around to much! Have a wonderful week!!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  10. cute children! and clever blog name (hehe... visit mine and see why I am laughing)
    great blog.

  11. Hello Valerie! Just sending a little reminder your way that my Costume Party begins tonight around midnight. I so hope to see you there all decked out in your party duds!


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