Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And Speaking of the Flu...

Actually, no flu in this household, but we did need to go here...

(Children's Mercy South Hospital)

to have this done

on this little one.

Long story short, Benjamin continues to battle ear infections and shows several signs and symptoms of being allergy-prone. Our ENT agreed it was time to visit the allergist who in turn sent us to Children's Mercy South (hospital) for labs to be drawn.

I was a bit worried that Ben would not cooperate, but he was a trooper! Between his positive disposition and the phlebotomist's awesome technique, blood was drawn in short order with NO tears! Maybe now we will get some of the answers we've been looking for such as why a 2-year old boy would be lactose intolerant, break out in hives when eating tomato-based foods/sauces (and biter biscuits as a baby) and prone to so many ear infections. Wish us luck!

"I'm not scared when Daddy's by my side!"

"Mommy knows how to make it all better."


  1. Oh poor little guy...hope you get some answers soon.

  2. I hope you find what you are looking for. My oldest son had double ear infections from the time he was 2 months until 18 months, literally with no breaks. Our last ditch effort before surgery was taking him to the chiropracter. Doesn't work for everyone, but he has had only had 3ear infections since and he is now 9. Good luck with all those tests and ice cream ALWAYS makes everything better!

  3. looks like he like the cone. i am glad Chris was there to soften the blow.

  4. We have lactos intolerans in my family. We always wondered why we always had stomac problems. But nowdays there are so many lactose free foods, even milk without it, that it´s no big problem any more.

    Your son is a brave one not crying when they take his blood!

  5. Poor little guy. Thank goodness the person drawing the blood got it done easily and quickly. I have a niece that was having blood taken when she was 2 quite a bit and it was a nightmare for her and her Mama.
    That cone looked yummy, now he'll want to go to the Doctor all the time! I hope you figure out the little man's issues and are able to solve them easily. Especially those ear infections, ouchie!

  6. I hope you have answers soon. Allergies are no fun! WHat a trooper! Daddy being there always helps!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Awe little guy, That was tough of him.
    I hope he gets those ear infections all fixed up.
    And yum that ice cream looks good. Maybe they should have given us that at our doctors office during all the ivf visits It might have lightened things up :).


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