Monday, March 2, 2009


I did it...with a little help from fellow blogger, Kathy, over at Life in the Slow Lane!

Thank you so much, Kathy, for your wonderful email. Your simple directions, along with a little self-tweaking, allowed me to personalize my blog to make it my very own!!! And your right...I'm certain this won't be my last attempt at creating my own background.

Now, I just need to create my own header as the one that I currently have is looking a bit "shabby". Good thing I'm in such good standing with the gals over at Shabby Princess!

In addition to creating my own background I also taught myself (from a little google search) how to create my own links using HTML code. Gosh...I am thoroughly exhausted...almost like when I put in a full day of teaching! (I think that my kiddos are feeling a bit neglected!)


  1. Good job and glad I could help. Maybe we will have a chance to exchange other information since we're both bloggers and digital scrapbookers.

    I taught high school journalism for 15 years, so blogging and scrapbooking both feed my adiction.


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