Monday, March 16, 2009

Garden Girl

First, thank you to everyone that responded regarding my porch railing dilemma. I appreciate all of your comments and opinions and have filed them away for future reference.

Second, we had a busy weekend around the house; a few fixer-upper projects and the main get the backyard garden started.

Recently, I notice that our bedframe was becoming very loose. Both the headboard and footboard were extremely wobbly and the side railings were askew. No doubt this occurred because of two little monkeys jumping on our bed! So Daddy, Mary and Ben all donned protetive eye equipment, tool belts, and set to work repairing the splintered footboard/siderail.

Later that same day, the "garden" work began. A few weeks back, Chris built a raised planting bed for Mary's garden. Mary and Daddy have been talking about planting a garden all winter. (Mary loves Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh who is always working in his garden!) After tilling the soil, together they shoveled the earth into their planting bed. They decided on what vegetables to plant, went to several different nurseries and came back with "Mooooo-nure", a Burpee Seed Starting 36-Cell Greenhouse Kit, seeds, and a composter. Yes, my dyed-in-the-wool Republican-husband has decided to become a caretaker of the earth...although not an environmentalist...a conservationist. (Actually, as a former Iowan and grandson of a Danish-Lutheran farmer, he has soil in his blood!)

Neeless to say, Mary was up at the crack of dawn this morning and mightly disappointed that her carrots did not grow. In her words..."maybe this Friday or this Spring."


  1. That dirt looks a whole lot better than the red clay I have in my yard.

  2. So fun!
    Just the right age to start getting interested in gardening! Well I´m a gardener so what else can I say :-) What will be sown there? Carrots, flowers ?

  3. Hi KBeau. Yes, we have some mighty fine soil here in the heartland (maybe a bit on the clay side, but nothing compared to Georgia...or Oklahoma for that matter! But, oh isn't it beautiful to look at...perhaps just my midwestern point of view).

    Christer, Mary and Chris have quite the vegetable garden in the works. At this time, due to our planting zone, only carrots could be sowed, but they planted cayenne and jalepeno peppers, sweet corn, green beans and peas in their little greenhouse seed starting kit.

    I am hoping that they will be able to have some success as their is one little small-fry (i.e. two-year old) who is obssessed with climbing into their raised planting bed and digging in the dirt! Gonna have to do some serious mom-control on him.

    A few years back we hired a landscaper (we have what I affectionately refer to as "natural" landscaping) :) and he designed a beautiful "cutting" garden on the south side of our home. I might try to tackle that project this fall!

    Thanks to you both for dropping by!

  4. It has to be a warm summer here to be able to have peppers outside here and carrots is not possible to plant for another month I think :-)

    Not a bad idea to get the help from a landscaper I think. As long as one gets help with the "frame work", it´s so much more fun to do the details one self. If I can be of any help when You do Your cutting garden just ask. Even if we have rather big differens in climat I might be able to give some tips I think.

  5. Hi Valerie,

    I love the fix it weekends! So nice that the family does it all together! Looks like the garden is coming right along! And so awesome that it's a daddy and Mary project! How awesome! We did pick up some seeds for ours this weekend too. It was disappointing the snow was gone so quickly. This was such a mild winter. The first winter we were here, we had snow or ice all the time, and even last winter, but not this one. So with out the snow, I am more than ready for spring! :) Hope you have a wonderful week! Hugs and Blessings,

  6. Awwww, Chris is a Conservationist. How cute. I'm not surprised - I think a lot of people, when asked how they view land use, would come down on the side of Conservation. What he may be opposed to is being a Preservationist (someone who advocates leaving the land, nature, etc. just as it is without human touch). I can't wait for future posts on Mary's garden!


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