Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Glimpse of October Around Our House

Here it is…

 …the last day of October (Halloween) and I am just now snapping photos of our Halloween/Fall decorations.

Better late than never!


Our "formal" Dining Room.  
I use quotation marks because this room is anything but formal.
It is probably one of my most favorite rooms of the house.

Our fireplace mantle in our Family Room.

I raised up the ironstone pitcher with a stack of vintage school books.
These books are close to 100 years old…the teacher in me loves them!

I picked them up at an antique store off of I-29 in rural northwest Missouri.  I love that they have a "local"connection to where they now rest.

A cute collection of reproduction vintage Halloween decorations sits on a bathroom shelf.

Back to the Dining Room for a moment…

Remember when Longaberger Baskets and parties were all the rage?!  Oh how I loved going to and hosting those parties.  I have quite a few Longaberger baskets in my personal collection.

This one is a cherished favorite…
…a Hostess Only opportunity purchase.

I jumped at the chance to buy it and never have regretted the money I spent on it.  (Even with my discount it was pricey.)  My kids love this pumpkin basket and get giddy with excitement when I bring it out every October 1st.

And just a couple other little things to share…

My mom bought this holiday purse for Mary Catherine when she was about 3-years old.  Mary is kind enough to allow me to use it in my holiday decor!  *wink*

Mary Catherine's "trick or treat" bag that I sewed last October.
Mary picked out the coordinating fabrics!
She really does have an eye for color and pattern.

So there you have it…a glimpse of October around our house.

I hope that your little ghouls and goblins get more tricks than treats!

Our rains have finally stopped…the sun is breaking through the clouds…and while it will be cold and damp we will be warm and toasty around our neighbor's fire pit celebrating all that is fun about tonight with good food and sweet treats.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Valerie, your home is gorgeous and so cozy! I love your Fall decor :).


    1. Thanks, dear friend! And I say "ditto"! Hugs.

  2. Oh it is always good to spy on your swap partner!! Love your decorations, I need to get mine on my blog, maybe once I clean up tomorrow!
    Ellie :o)

    1. Yes…please do…*wink*! I've been window shopping with you in mind! Hugs.

  3. You knew this would be my favorite!!!

    I love your home, dear friend...

    So cozy and warm.

    Thanks for the peek, and I am hoping for more. : )

    Have a nice evening, my friend!

    1. How much fun would it be to visit each other's home in real life???!!! I would love to spend a weekend with you…and then you could write about all the awesome things we would do on the Thursday prior for your "Weekend Plans" post! *smile* Hugs!

  4. Such a pretty house and decorations. So warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! Loved your late night Halloween post! Hilarious pics!

  5. That vintage set of books is so cool!! I totally understand your connection to them. Cute decor. Your house looks so cozy, warm, and inviting! I can smell a loaf of banana bread baking and some tea or coffee ready to be poured :)

    1. And what better friend to sit and share banana bread and hot tea with???!!! Have you given anymore thought to a trip up north over Christmas/January???!!! Keep me posted about your plans…I'd be giddy with excitement if you headed this way!


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