Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Car Care Gift Items

For some reason, I really struggle when it comes to finding the perfect gift for my father or father-in-law when it comes to their birthdays or holidays. Maybe because I'm trying to make it too PERFECT?!!!

But not this year!

This year, I have pinned several links for "Manly Stocking Stuffers" or "50 Ways to Show your Hubby you Love Him".  There are lots of great ideas that got my creative juices flowing, and in the end I created my very own...

..."Winter Weather Car Care Bucket".  Here's what I included:

Ice cleats, hand and glove warmers, as well as this collapsible snow shovel were all big hits.  The de-icer and ergonomic ice scrapper were also appreciated.  I had a lot of fun picking out and individually wrapping each gift item and my dad really appreciated the thought.  He especially liked those rubber ice cleats seeing how he slipped on the icy driveway last winter!

As wintry weather approaches (and already has for our East Coast and West Coast friends!) consider giving your loved ones a winter weather car care bucket.  One can never be too prepared at this time of year.

P.S.  (I probably need to make one of these for my mom's car too...only it's not the most romantic or feminine gift for a mom/mimi who is truly all sugar and spice!)



  1. Very clever! Sure it will be useful here very soon!!

  2. Valerie,

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog so I can follow you home to your blog*! I like your idea of giving gifts that people can actually use*! I look forward to checking back in to see what you're posting and getting to know you....


  3. So creative! I bet it will get lots of useage.

    Hope your recovery is going well!

    M :)

  4. That's a fabulous idea Valeie! I agree, that men can be hard to buy creative gifts that our meaningful. You've done it!


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