Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surgery this Morning!

Today is the day.

No, I'm not talking about Election Day. I think we've all had enough of that already...am I right?!!! Just be sure to vote!

Anyway, by the time your read this post, I should be out of surgery.

I, and when I say "I" I really mean "we" (Chris and me) decided that it was time to do something permanent to fix this foot injury of mine. The one that I've been limping on for over two years.

 The solution to cure this chronic case of plantar fasciitis?

Gastrocnemius surgery.


Gastrocnemius surgery. A surgery which actually lengthens the calf muscle.

As you can see from the diagram, the gastrocnemius muscle (or calf muscle) tapers down toward the ankle.

This is where I start having trouble!

These next two images do a great job showing how all of our muscles and tendons work in concert!  When one becomes injured and uncorrected...it can lead to subsequent injuries.

The source of my chronic, debilitating pain!

Apparently, tight calf muscles can aggravate a chronic plantar fascia injury.  So, while my calf muscle is not technically injured...it seems to be the culprit in my inability to heal my plantar fascia.


Maybe.  But I've tried every therapy/home remedy out there and nothing has helped.  I'm maxed out on my lifetime cortisone allotments and my physical therapist essentially "gave up" in trying to help me heal up my foot.

I suppose there's always amputation.

Which I asked for.

My orthopaedic surgeon swears this is the answer before getting an awesome amputee runner's foot!  LOL

Speaking of running...

...he's completed this surgery on many different types of athletes (and non-athletes) and none have not healed successfully and went on to continue being active.  He's even done this on a multiple-time marathon runner.

And that my friends, is my New Year's Resolution for 2013...

...to run 13.1 (the half-marathon) here in Kansas City with two sweet friends that trained and completed their first half-marathon this past October!  Both are excited for me to train with them when I get the green light.

For now though, rest and recuperation.  Full walking cast 24/7 for two weeks then full walking cast at night for 6 weeks.  ugh!  At the eight week mark, if physical therapy is not required for ankle strengthening, I'll be able to begin slowly exercising again.  Basically, I'm looking at using the treadmill in the basement come January!

The key to non-injury will be slow and steady progress.

I can do this.  I took it slow and steady last Summer to take off the weight and have been able to maintain my loss this Fall even with taking a break from exercise.

So, prayers for a successful recovery would be most appreciated!  And you'll probably see me around a lot since I'll be confined to the couch for the next couple of days.

Don't think I won't be milking this every.step. (pun intended!) of.the.way. 



  1. Good luck! Is Chris going to be home with you for a while? Call/text me if you need anything. I can run over and help out :)

  2. Prayers prayers prayers, Valerie... Come home, get snuggled on the sofa and relax! : )

  3. I hope the surgery went well and good luck in your recovery! It must be so frustrating not being active when you want to be!!

  4. Hope all goes smoothly and the end result is just what you are wishing for. I am certain you will run you 1/2 marathon in 2013!

  5. Oh, Valerie--I'll be praying for a swift recovery. I know some of the pain (although yours has lasted much longer!!) I hope you'll be training for that marathon soon!! (I did try the boot thing and it worked as far as I can walk, it had gotten to the point where I couldn't walk)

    God bless you, prayers coming your way!

  6. CHiming in here. Hoping that you are recovering smoothly! What an amazing goal you have set. You go, girl!

  7. So sorry to hear that you are having surgery.
    Take care and let Chris pamper you.

    Blessings and prayers a speedy recovery.

    Let me know if you ned anything.

    M :)

  8. Sending my prayers your way! Hope the surgery goes great!

  9. Hi Valerie, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm praying for you that your surgery went well and that your going to heal quickly and very well.


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