Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surgery Update!

First, a HUGE thank you to all of you that stopped by to leave a blog comment, kept me in your prayers, or sent a card or phone call. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Surgery was a success.

At least in terms of the actual procedure.

 While I am experiencing pain, it is completely manageable and I'm resting comfortably.

Chris was able to be home with me all day yesterday and is working half days this week to be home in the afternoons with me. Especially to help out with the little ones.

 My sweet carpool friend, Kim, rearranged her work schedule to pick up my kiddos every day this week and the entire Kindergarten and 2nd grade classes at St. Paul included me in their prayers.

God is good and answered all of you in the blessings he has showered upon me!

So, thank you again.

And now, if I could direct your prayers to another sweet blogger friend, Jamie Jo. Her precious baby boy, sweet Simeon, will be undergoing yet another cleft palate surgery, tomorrow. I know her heart is anxious for her little boy and she is asking for our prayers!  Please, visit Simeon and see his amazing blue eyes and beautiful face and let her know you will be storming the heavens with another surgery prayer request.




  1. So glad things went well and you are settled in at home surrounded by your littles, Valerie! Prayers and good wishes!

  2. Val--so glad everything went so well, and that you have lots of help!

    Thank you so much for sending extra prayers our way--I'll take them!!

    Love and blessings

  3. just now catching up on you blog, Val. gosh, i will pray for your quick recovery!! glad to hear the surgery went well.

  4. Glad to hear that you are resting comforably! Hope the surgery is a success.
    Glad Chris will be able to be off work in the afternoons.

    Prayers are sent for your friend and her little boy.

    Take care!

    M :)

  5. Valerie- I am so glad to hear that you have so many people helping to take care of you. You deserve to be a little pampered while you recover! And, I'm glad that your pain is manageable. I hope this will be the last of your pain and that you will be up and running soon!

    God Bless you, and your helpers, and baby Simeon as he undergoes his surgery too.


  6. i am so glad the surgery went well! That is amazing news. Even more wonderful that you have awesome people to help you out. I'll be sure to say a prayer for Simeon!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh Val, I haven't been on the blogosphere much lately and didn't know about your surgery until today! Praise God that your surgery was successful! Praying that the healing process goes smoothly.

  8. Hope you are doing well with your recovery!


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