Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Saints and Sight Words

Each of us as parents are called to make the very best decisions on behalf of our children's educational needs.

Those needs differ from family to family...and from child to child.

The response to those needs can be varied as well!

For many families, public school is the best or only option. For others, it is homeschooling. And yet for others, private or parochial school is the best fit.

We are one of those families. And I just can't say enough good things about St. Paul Catholic school! It has truly been a positive, faith-based educational experience for my children...and for me as well! (*ahem, Mary Catherine was sent home for a change of clothes on picture day as her sundress was too "bare" shoulders! Shame on me.)

Anyway, what I first saw as a cross to bear (our 20 minute drive each way) has turned into a blessing in disguise! Often, God's blessings are disguised and it is up to us to see the beauty in the situation. I now use the 20 minutes in the car to really "talk" with my children. No television. No radio.

Here's the conversation that took place earlier this week...

(Mary) "Mama, what's your middle name, again?"
(Me) "Anne"
(Mary) "As in Saint Anne, Mary's mother, Jesus' grandma?"
(Me) "Yes, after Saint Anne."

From the Back Seat... 

(Benjamin): "And?" "And is one of my sight words!"

I've officially been renamed...Valerie And  :)

Here's another thing that I love about our Catholic versus Public school experience...


 Yup...Saints and Sight Words...that's how our minivan rolls down the highway!

Wishing you a blessed evening!



  1. Hi Valerie...spending time with my littles on the way home from school is one of my favorite parts of the day! Love the sight words, too! Happy Wednesday!

  2. oh I love it. both the sight words with saints, and the little exchange involving your duo in the backseat! I mustmust include the saints' names and Jesus, God, Mary, etc. in our sight words. brilliant idea Valerie!

  3. The beauty of a Catholic education!! My son went to public school up until 5th grade and now is in a Catholic
    School. I love how he learns about the bible and church history mixed into the regular subjects. Like Social Studies. Would never have gotten that in the public school.

    Catholic School is certainly not for everybody and it's not cheap... but it you have a good one in your vicinity, I'd highly recommend it.

  4. Valerie, I just made some sight words for my daughter -- the teacher asked parents to make flash cards this week for the sight words that the children are learning. and I added Jesus, God, angel . . . thanks for the inspiration!


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