Friday, October 26, 2012

Cutest little Saint Patrick!!!

Crazy days lately...

...lost my batter charger...then found it...

...only to discover that I have now lost the BATTERY to my Canon DSLR.

 NOOOOOOOO! (why oh why did I not just put the battery back in the camera???!!!!)

Thus, I've been going through blog and photography withdrawal...

...although my house has never been cleaner! ;)

Well, tonight I mastered a new technological trick...

...I figured out how to download pictures from our iPad onto my computer!

Wheeeee...I'm back in business!

So what else have I been up to besides house cleaning...early Christmas shopping...and cooking/baking?

How about this for a little Halloween/All Saint's Day inspiration?

My inspiration photo for Benjamin's costume!

This year, my children's school (Catholic parochial) has decided against celebrating Halloween and instead to go back to the classic tradition of celebrating All Saint's Day.  The children have been encouraged to learn about a favorite saint or Biblical hero and then dress accordingly. 

Benjamin and I thought long and hard about this one!  There are so many great male saints or Bible heroes to choose from.  Ultimately, the folklore surrounding St. Patrick banishing snakes from the Emerald Isle caught Ben's attention.  Thus I present to you...St. Patrick!

 (Sorry the pics are sort of blurry!  I'm still new at operating the iPad, but you get the basic idea!)

This weekend I still need to create St. Patrick's mitre hat and staff, as well as locate a beard!  I'm pretty pleased with how Ben's costume turned out.  I could not find a costume pattern I liked that seemed "saint" or "priestly" appropriate so I designed this on my own using the above photo as inspiration.

As Ben went "Trunk or Treating" up at school tonight, he insisted on wearing this snake around his head as well as keeping three more in  his trick or treat bag!  Needless to say, the fact that it is pure folklore about the snakes (or that the snakes represent the banishing of pagan practices from Ireland!) is lost on this 5-year old!

Anyway, I can't wait to share Mary's costume!  A very special friend turned us on to a beautiful saint who Mary has been so excited to learn about.  Pictures coming soon!



  1. Love your little one's costume Valerie! Wow...wonderful job! Wondering how you download your iPad photos to your computer...I actually like using my iPad for is so handy! I just email them to my computer and download them from there. Is there an easier way? Would love to know! Thanks and Happy Halloween weekend!

  2. Ben looks absolutely adorable. You did a fabulous job with his costume and I love that you added the snake.

    We have an All Saint's Party every year with our home schooling group and my older son has asked to be St. John the Baptist that past two years, not because he appreciates that St. J. t B. prepared the way for Christ's coming but because he wants to dress up in a headless costume!

    I guess boys will be boys. At least, they are finding something to excite them about the lives of the saints.

    Hope you have a fabulous Halloween, and I can't wait to see Mary in her costume.

    God Bless, Kari

  3. He looks great!

    You did a super job on his costume.

    Hmmmm, wonder who Mary will be.

    M :)

  4. I love the St. Pat's costume. You did a great job. Being that my name is so Irish, I am a bit partial to St. Patrick!

  5. A great Saint indeed! Wonderful costume!
    Our church usually does an All Saints party-not this year =(.

  6. I love the costume. Saint day is a wonderful idea. It is planting the seeds of goodness in the hearts of your children. Can't wait to see Mary's costume.

  7. I think that's great, celebrating All Saint's Day by dressing up as a saint! Blessings, Linda


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