Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

"Summer afternoon...summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language!"
~Henry James

We've started Summer Vacation at our house!  

Lazy days of sleeping in and staying up late...

...Slumber parties with siblings (and Mom!)...

...sprinkler parties with neighbor friends...

...checking off our "Summer 2012 To Do List" (like "sidewalk chalk" or making "homemade play doh")...

...snacking on seedless grapes and bowls of cherries while lounging on an old quilt and reading library books!

What are your plans for the summer???!!!

We took the above photos before and after breakfast this morning...our last (half) day of school.

Yup, little newest kindergartner...really did choose to wear a tie today...precious! 

Saying good bye to Ms. Joyce, Preschool Teacher

Last hug of First Grade with Mrs. Gay...they sort of look like Mother/Daughter!
 Saying goodbye for summer is so bittersweet!  Little ones are excited to start summer and end a school year...but sad to say goodbye to beloved teachers!

And so we kicked off Summer 2012 with a picnic lunch to a local park. We met several other preschool families...and of course all of their siblings. 

Fun climbing equipment...I've not been to this park before and was impressed with the viking ship!

Do you see it?  That last vestige of early childhood...its in that pixie-ish face of hers...this photo reminds me of her toddler years!

Not to be left out...and definitely needing a "first" hair cut!

And just in case you were wondering...Mary is wearing her "Sunday Best" to the park because for the last 1/2 day of school students were allowed to dress up for End of Year All School Mass.

Father John's EOY message to the students...

...keep practicing your faith over the summer...the kids had to repeat the following mantra....

You take NO Vacation from your Vocation!

I loved that message.  

And it's so true in all areas of life...

whether we are called to marriage or the single or consecrated life...motherhood/parenthood...and living life as a faith-filled people...

we can never take a vacation from our vocation!  We are called to serve!!!

Wishing you a blessed and safe start to your Summer!


  1. Your summer plans sound perfect! Enjoy every precious moment with all your little ones home together!

    BTW- the photos are gorgeous- the sunny weather, the beautiful smiles, the kids all dressed up in their Mass clothes-- looks like summer is off to a great start already!

  2. We finished yesterday! Yea:)
    Looks like a lot of fun. Love the tie and Little man has grown soooo much!



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