Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Apron for Mother's Day

I'm excited to show you my latest creation... 

 ...another version of the French Flea Market-style apron that I made my mom for Mother's Day. 

I love the pop of color and bouquets of  roses on the soothing green background...and of course, that sassy wrap-around tie! 

I know many of us have fond memories of our mother wearing a favorite apron.  

My mom actually wore more of a "housecoat", but when I flash back to childhood, I picture her throwing that on while she prepared spaghetti and meatballs for a weeknight dinner...homemade waffles with powdered sugar before church on Sundays... and her giant sugar cookies that crumbled yet melted in your mouth as an after-school treat!

I love what Melissa Lester of A Little Loveliness says about the apron...

"...But my heart says an apron is more purposeful than practical. You see, the simple act of putting on an apron signifies that we are ready to work. Although the labor might be messy, time-consuming or difficult, we are ready to serve. And when I put on an apron that is beautiful, I can't help but hope that my gift of service will be as well."

I am so grateful to have my mother in my life and so I created this beautiful apron for say thank you for loving my siblings and I enough to give us life...for creating the beautiful home in which we grew up...and for always being there when we need her!  And while I wish we could have been together to celebrate this blessed day, just know that although there are miles and miles between us, she is always close to my heart.


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Thank you so much for writing me back and being my first commenter (sp?).

    I did, I just started my blog. I used to have one a long time ago, but I figured it was time to start another.

    No, that dog and lamb are not mine. I did have a golden though, however, she passed away three years ago. She was a sweet love.

    I'm trying to create a blog about my path about finding my way to God and I am studying about Catholicism, so the blog I guess will be about where my path takes me.

    And again, your blog is truly lovely.


  2. I love the apron it is just gorgous. I know your mom will love wearing it.

  3. Oh Valerie,
    That is a beautiful apron--love the ruffles!!


    PS--I left you a message via email.


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