Monday, February 20, 2012

Sewing on Saturday: Project 2/52 (Table Runner Part 1)

This past Saturday, I literally spent sewing all morning long!

My sweet husband knows how much I enjoy sewing and how much I have to learn.  (I am especially interested in quilting.  I have always loved quilts (bed covers, pillowcases, throws, wall hangings, etc.), but even more so now that my husband's grandmother is getting up there in age.)

Grandma Kueter hand quilts the most beautiful creations...and she's soon to be 90 years young!  But, hers is a craft that none of her grandchildren have taken up...

...and that is a shame.

So, I have decided to carry on her tradition...

...I am, after all, a Kueter!

Anyway, for Valentine's Day my husband bought me an Introduction to Quilting course at our local fabric and embroidery shop.  Needless to say, I was so excited to spend four hours of blissful...uninterrupted sewing time with other "grown ups"!  :)

Our intro project is a table runner.  And while the fabrics were already decided upon and cut for us ahead of time, I think the finished project is going to be so sweet.  The colors were chosen for Valentine's Day, but I think this table runner will also display well for Flag Day and over the 4th of July!

Happy Sewing! 

Step 1:  We created a simple 9 patch block from three different fabrics.

Step 2:  After our nine patch block was sewn together, we cut it into fourths and then turned 2 of the 4 corners.  (I hope this makes can see from the photo below what I am talking about!)

That's as far as I got during my first class. I plan to finish my nine patch blocks at home and then I will go back for a private class on how to add borders and binding.


  1. What anice hubby Chris is! I bet you had a ball. Can't wait to see the finished product. Looks good so far.


  2. What a wonderful gift!! I love your quilt so far!! So fun...and a lovely skill to pass on. I bet your Grandma is so excited, too:).


  3. How fun, I love that your sewing. I took one class back in highschool and really did enjoy it but forgot it all by now. Your doing a great job :)

  4. oh this is pretty. looking forward to seeing the progress you make.

  5. You have so many skills I will never have.

  6. Thats great! I haven't tried quilting yet but its on my list. Fortunately, I work with a veteran quilter so when the time comes I've got a great resource in her. Be sure to show us your final result when its finished! :)


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