Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sew, You Want to be my Valentine?

Since preschool, Mary Catherine and I have always made her Valentines.  (One year we made them AND purchased store-bought because she didn't want to feel left out...she quickly discovered how appreciated homemade Valentines really are!)

So this year was no exception.

And while I did see lots of cute ideas on Pinterest and even used one idea to make Benjamin's valentines, I really wanted to do something hand "sewn" with Mary Catherine.

Thus, we created these little heart pockets that we sewed together out of beautiful scrapbook papers.  They were so easy and only took us about an hour to create...including slicing paper, cutting handmade hearts, stitching together, and stuffing with conversation hearts...the SweeTarts variety!

We started with this...

transformed into this...

stitched together like this...

resulting in these...

Each one lovingly stitched together by mama...with a little help from Mary Catherine on the foot pedal...might be why a few are crooked!  

But that's the beauty of them, right?

My little one then painstakingly "assigned" each classmate, teacher, principal a valentine based on the color, design, personality...

Sew...you want to be Mary's Valentine?


  1. Those are adorable!! What pretty material!

  2. You are so creative. I love it.

  3. Those are so darn cute. I might have to remember the idea for next year. Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Such a cute simple idea.
    Hope your day was full of love.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I so appreciate it.

    I love your home in the post below. Even with all the snow it looks warm and happy.

  5. Way too cute! Getting fancy on the machine huh? :)
    I bet Mary's friends loved them!


  6. now those are some cute homemade Valentines. I really ought to put more thought into what we are doing at our house. I just bought ring pops and dum dums.

  7. Too cute! Not only does she have a special gift to give, she's making sweet memories with her Mommy!

  8. Oh, her Valentine's turned out sooo cute!! I bet everyone LOVED them!

    It's so exciting that you get to tour a neighbor's garden! I get the very best ideas that way...I am sure you will, too:). Good luck with garden planning this year. I bet it turns out beautifully:).



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