Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Dismissal, Horse Farms, & "Mean"

One of my most very favorite times of day is when I am up at Mary and Benjamin's school for dismissal. My sweetie-girl comes bounding down the sidewalk toward our minivan bubbling with excitement about her day.

She's such a delightful child; truly. Folks tell me this all.the.time. so it's not just mommy-pride! :)

Anyway, here is just a snippet of a conversation we had this afternoon...

Mary: "Mama, I've got amazing news. Great news, really."

Me: "Oh, what's that?"

Mary: "I made it all the way across the monkey bars at school today. And...Ella and I have decided to open a horse farm together. It's going to be part ranch and part gift shop."

‎"Oh, and it will have a bar too. You know, for food and stuff. And Mrs. Gay said she wants to cook for us. If she's still young enough. Do you think she'll have kids by then? Oh, and kids of employees get to eat free. Only they only can have one meal...we do need to make money."


‎Mary: "Oh, and Ella's gonna dance at it, and I'm gonna sing and play guitar."

Me: "Just like Taylor Swift."

Mary: "Hey, yah. Only, maybe she'll come visit us and stuff."

Lots of "and stuff" flying around!

Anyway, we don't listen to a lot of contemporary music around our house...not as much as we used to, but Mary does love Taylor Swift. And for now, I'm comfortable with that.

As we watched the 54th Grammy's last week, I recorded Taylor Swift's performance of Mean for Mary.  She had long gone to bed, and I feel like it's an anthem of sorts to anti-bullying and a message to all those kiddos who do struggle with this. 

Anyway, the You Tube clip that I am attaching is from Taylor Swift's performance at the ACM awards in 2011.  I loved the set and costumes from her Grammy performance, but for some reason that You Tube clip has some crass language from an "ad" attached to it when you embed.  No thank you.


P.S.  Mary really does want to learn to play guitar...after she masters the violin.  Apparently, a classmate take violin lessons and now my girl is jonesing to take lessons too! Especially, after watching the video clip!


  1. Wow, she has big plans! Sounds like a lot of fun actually. My niece started playing the viola in the 4th grade and loves it. Students are given the choice of violin or viola or choir. Personally I would have chosen choir but I think it's amazing that she gets the opportunity to learn to read and play music. I bet Mary would love it as well.

    Yes, it is quite dreary and gloomy here most of the year. Each season has it's glories but late fall-early spring(5-6 months) is the worst of it. Summers are wonderful but the last two have been cooler and shorter with the rains coming faster. We need a good summer to tide us over the gloomy months because the sun does indeed go away and the rain moves in. Thankfully this winter has been very mild but I am definitely ready for some sun.

    Sending hugs and blessings to your family!

  2. love a girl with a great imagination!! it's good you write these things down!

  3. She has the best life plan. The little ones always do, they think about the details. One meal a day to too perfect and actually what most business follow. I have had a blast watcing my kids change their plans over the years.


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