Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Little Ways" to Keep Advent

If you search Pinterest for Advent Calenders (which I actually think are better referred to as "Christmas Countdown" calenders) there is no shortage of beautiful and creative displays.  I, myself, have pinned many for future reference!

Credit Here

Credit Here

But, in keeping with the title of this blog, I thought that I would share with you just a couple of sweet ways that my children, husband, and I have been keeping Advent during this beautiful liturgical season.


...who can resist a sweet handmade interactive Advent wreath made by their favorite preschooler?!!!

This wreath was created by Benjamin using construction paper, toilet paper tubes, and tissue paper.

To assemble:  trace hand prints on green construction paper to form the base of the wreath on a paper plate..  Using 4 toilet paper tubes, paint three purple and one pink.  Cut bottoms of tubes to adhere to the wreath using Elmer's glue.  Finally, scrunch 4 small pieces of yellow tissue paper and insert one piece into each "candle".

Each Sunday morning during Advent, our little guy was beside himself with excitement to pull up a flame.

Not to be outdone by her brother, Mary Catherine also came home with an Advent wreath created at school.

Using dried peas and glue, our first grader mixed and fashioned a wreath.  Before hardening, her classroom teacher provided each child with 3 blue (purple) and one pink birthday candle(s).  This adorable little wreath is lit each Sunday night during dinner.

Another Advent keeper that Mary created is this little manger crafted from a brown lunch sack that she fills with "straw" cut from yellow strips of paper.  Each piece of straw that forms the bedding for Baby Jesus represents one act of kindness or prayer offered up on behalf of the Holy Family.

And finally, there is our family Nativity set. This set belonged to my grandmother and was passed on to me after she passed away in 1993.  I have lovingly display it year after year.  This year, we have added a new twist...instead of displaying the whole Nativity Set at once, we have only placed Mary, Joseph, the animals and Shepherd boy.  We are waiting until December 24th to add Baby Jesus and then the Feast of the Epiphany to add the three Wise Men.

While our Advent altar may not be made up of buckets or burlap & buttons, it is fashioned by the love of a family representing many generations...with hands and hearts that love and honor our Heavenly Father through the simplest of ways.

Wishing you a Blessed Sunday night as we enter into this last week of Advent...


  1. All great ideas. Love the homemade ones by the babes. I love the idea of putting baby Jesus and the wise men in the nativity later.

  2. Those are such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to follow you on Pinterest :-)

  3. I'd like to follow you on Pinterest. What is your user name? Mine is Joanna Smyth. See you there :-)

  4. I still have my tri fold Advent calendear from when I was a small child. I loved opening each numbered window each day. I think I have our wreat too but it is in storage. Advent is a wonderful season for many reasons.


  5. Those Advent wreaths are soo cute. love the cut out green hands for the wreath.

  6. We have an Advent that is a nativity and there are scriptures on the back of each piece to read. I love it.

  7. Love the blog header, as I know each ornament is for each child! I just wanted to pop in and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas full of blessings Valerie!


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