Monday, December 26, 2011

Candid Christmas

"Christmas just doesn't work out for me.  Never has."  (Billy, the lonely little boy from the movie The Polar Express.)

Sort of felt like Billy this Christmas Eve!

Not that Christmas hasn't worked out for us before.  It most certainly has.

(And the beauty of Christmas is that Jesus still comes...whether it "works out for us" or not!)

But unfortunately, the flu bug hit our family this past week and it just wasn't very merry around our household. 

As my girlfriend Shannon has shared with me...some Christmases are just like that...and it will be one that you never forget!  Thanks Shannon for reminding of what's really important in life!

Still, we did manage to open a few gifts and find some holiday cheer.  Here are just a couple photos of Christmas Eve and Morning...

This is Luke...opening a Little Tykes "Fire Station" on Christmas Day afternoon.  First time sine last Wednesday that he was wearing clothes and not footie jammies.  He's been running 105.3 for a couple days now...pediatrician said he had clear lungs, but might be on the edge of croup.  Just thankful it didn't turn into pneumonia or RSV.

This was a Christmas gift from Benjamin...a tiny key chain that he bought for mommy at the St. Paul School Christmas store.  He picked it out himself with the aid of student helpers...the preschoolers 3rd grade buddies. 

Another gift from Benjamin...this one for Daddy.  An insulated ice scrapper.  Daddy was pretending to use it as a razor blade which Ben thought was just hilarious.

Our Daddy loves Mountain Dew.  As in...I think it runs through his veins.  Totally unhealthy.  But, he's a grown-up and all my nagging has gotten me nowhere.  I've let it drop for now.  After 18-years, I don't think I can be the one to convince him to give up the habit.  So, when Mary and I saw this graphic t-shirt while out shopping, we knew we had to get it!

I've pledged to the kiddos that we are going to be better about keeping Family Night on Thursdays around here.  So, it was a board game Christmas for all three.  Benjamin received the classic Operation. (As you can see, fever had set in with bright rosy cheeks to show for it.)

Mary received Sorry.  This was my favorite game when I was growing up! Mary and I started to learn the rules last night.  That game has a ton of rules!

Other gifts included a train board for Benjamin, "Just Like Me" American Girl doll for Mary, and a brand new car seat for Luke.  He's thrilled I'm sure.  :)

Can't wait to try out my new gift from Santa...a bread maker!  Yippeee!!!  The kids helped daddy pick it's stainless steel from Cuisinart and it's a beauty.  So, I'm off to make my first loaf.  Perhaps homemade bread will lift everyone's spirits around here!


  1. Golly--Hope all gets better soon. Nothing like the flu to get in the way of holiday celebrating.
    Today is a new day and things will get better.
    Looks like the kids are going to have with the games. I loved getting games as a child and today..
    Take care and have fun with the breadmaker.


  2. Awwww :( Christmas didn't really work out for us this year either. For the same reason. Whatever virus we've had just is hanging on and on :( Fevers, coughing, sore throats. It made for kind of a miserable week or so before Christmas. Of course, it didn't stop us from opening presents. But we're so happy to have a few days to rest. Hope you all feel better soon!!

  3. I am sorry that you all felt so bad. The rosy checks made me sad. I hope and pray that fevors are all back to normal and that they can start playing with their gifts. Your family is adorable even when sick.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you guys have been so sick. I hope everyone is better now.
    It looks like the kids enjoyed their Christmas though.
    They are getting so big. So cute also :)

  5. I am so sorry you have had the flu bug at your house. Hope you all are feeling better by now. We have had a different kind of bug at our house. A cold/sinus headache bug. No way to spend the holiday break.

    We love the game "Sorry" at our house. One of our kiddo's got clue, it is the first time I have played it in years.


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