Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got Books?

Mary Catherine has taken off with reading.

I really can't explain it...her daddy's brains...her mama's passion for books...her kindergarten teacher...being read to while still in the womb...(only because I was teaching 3rd grade while pregnant with her and did "read-aloud" because I love it that much!)

...I have no idea the reason for her reading success, but she's light-years ahead of most of her classmates.

Or maybe this is the reason

Little brothers make a great audience! Be sure to come back tomorrow when I share what Mary Catherine received from mommy and daddy for Valentine's Day.


  1. That´s great!
    Nothing beats reading a good book :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. Thats great! With all the video and computer games these days I love seeing kids take up a passion for reading. My hubby and I both love to read, and already our little man LOVES books. After reading him the same book 15 times in one day I can get a little worn out, but remind myself what a blessing it is that he loves reading so much at just 22 months.

  3. Oh, look at that sweet baby!!!!

    I love your large pictures on your blog!!

    Thanks for commenting today, I loved reading your beginnings.

  4. I never loved to read. I struggled the same way my kids do now. I am so happy that you might not have that issue. I have pushed my kiddos into read alouds and have discovered a real desire to read often. We are loving the people that we meet in these great stories. As you probably already know, even if she is reading on her own it is a great idea to keep reading out loud to her. It helps with development if you continue to read a few levels above where she is.


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