Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mary, Mulan, and "Shear" Madness!

So, most of you know about my obssessing over Mary's hair (or lack of it)! Well, this morning Benjamin and I were up on the 3rd floor cleaning/playing while Mary was supposedly playing with Polly Pockets in her room. Little did I know what she was actually up to...playing beauty shop!

It appears that she took her preschool teacher's suggestion of "practicing cutting skills" to heart and went after her own hair. Why, oh why, could she not have practiced on some lame Barbie doll with gnarly hair?!!!

She actually didn't do too bad of a job as I didn't even notice at first. It was when I found a huge, blonde curl on the dining room table and strands of blonde hair on the oriental rug that I became suspicious that some hair styling had been going on! She only cut "bangs", but I just wanted to die. Four and a half years of growing out what little hair she has, and in one swift cut...gone!
We made an emergency hair appt. at Shear Madness and the lovely stylist was able to blend the new "bangs" into the rest of her hair. Mary no longer looks like she is sporting a mullet! Of course, I was worried when we were at the salon as they never style it like you do and so we had to wait until we got home for the special "Mom" touch! I actually think she looks adorable with her new "do"!

When I asked Mary why she cut her hair she simply replied, "Mom, I wanted to be like Mulan." I about burst out in laughter! If you haven't seen the adorable Disney princess movie Mulan it is about a young Chinese girl who wants to take her father's place and serve as a soldier for the Emperor in their battle against the Huns. Women are not allowed to serve and so Mulan chops off her raven-colored hair to pose as a male soldier. That would be our Mary; so sweet and yet so determined!


  1. She is still adorable! I am so sorry! LOL I just cut my daughters hair just like that last week. Not b\c of Mulan though! LOL

  2. Thanks! I so wanted a little girl with long hair (something I, myself, have never been able to have)and it is just not happening! Too fine and fragile; perhaps when she gets a bit older! The stylist at the salon said she should have her "adult" hair by age 12 to 13 so there's still hope yet!

  3. I love it!! It looks like they cut it just like we talked about. Thin wavy hair is happiest short with some layers. Her hair looks three times thicker! Give her a big kiss from me and tell her she's gorgeous!! Erin did the same thing when she was little with her brand new school scissors, my mom freaked too. I cut off my widow's peak one time (about 6 years old). There's no blending bald. Thank goodness it grows back.

  4. Shannon K. you make me laugh as always..."there's no blending bald"!!! Too funny! I will give her a big hug and a kiss from her "Auntie". And yes, you're right...her hair does look much thicker and healthier short~aaargh!


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