Friday, February 27, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The forecast for tonight...SNOW! We are so excited here at home. We have had minimal snowfall this year (8 inches in the metro when our usual snowfall total is around 20+ inches). Not a single snow day this year for my teaching friends. :(

Mary and Ben have not even played in snow this year! Each meager snowfall we've had has melted almost as quickly as it has come down. Our neighbors to the north and to the east have been socked with major storms this winter, but all have missed our little corner of the woods. I suppose for some that is a good thing, but we're talking KIDS here; they LOVE snow! Not to mention that since I have become the super-organized-stay-at-home mommy type {sarcasm} I actually bought Benjamin's boots in November in anticipation of lots of snowy afternoons! He has worn them once...on a 65 degree JANUARY a Chinese restaurant. (Always good for a laugh!)

So, we are thrilled for the 3-4 inches of predicted snowfall due to arrive after midnight tonight, which will make it officially the 28th of February, and the last day of winter. (I know that the spring equinox does not officially arrive until the 20th of March, but March 1 is the day that I take down any and all remaining remnants of winter (snowmen, valentine hearts/candy/cards, winter wreath, etc.) and let the bunny decorating begin!
The pictures posted are of Benjamin sporting his new "light up" snow boots and the snowman that Mary and I built last February.

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  1. I hope yall got the snow that was predicted. We haven't had any this year either. A small dusting, but at that point we were so happy to see some winter weather. Hope there is lots to play in today. I sent you an email.
    Hugs and Blessings,


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