Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Embracing Technology!

After doing a bit of research on blogging, and polling family and friends about the use of such blogs, I have decided to embrace technology and create a family webpage! For those of you that know me well, you know what an undertaking this will be for me since I tend to avoid the use of technology (even that which would make my life easier) like the plague. I decided, though, that if the almost-two-year old can operate a DVD player than the almost-40-year old mommy can figure out how to set-up a family blog. Chris and I look forward to reconnecting with family and friends that we have been remiss about keeping in touch with, and sharing with all of our loved ones both the exciting and mundane activities that keep our little family of four so busy! We have lots of fun things on the calender for the month of October so be on the lookout for lots of posts. Hopefully, my learning curve will be neither too long nor too difficult!

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  1. Great job Mommy.. All except the little description of being a "former" 3rd grade teacher. Are you moving on to FOurth Grade?

    Love Daddy


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