Monday, October 13, 2008

Camping Fun

The first weekend in October we took the kids camping. This turned out to be quite the adventure! First, memory failed to serve us in reminding us of just how small our two-man tent was when sleeping four. It wasn't until we got the tent set up, and we couldn't fit in the pack-n-play for Benjamin, that we remembered that we had borrowed a friend's family-size tent the last time we went camping. Needless to say, the four of us were packed in like sardines for the night! The kids didn't really mind though-they love sleeping with Mommy and Daddy!

The other thing that happened is that in our rush to get out the door before sundown, we left a bag of cold item groceries in the refrgerator. So...we had no eggs, cheese, bacon or hash browns for the next day's breakfast. In addition, the hot dog buns had gotten thrown into that bag as well so we had to roast hot dogs and eat them w/o buns-yuck!

Foturnately, the bag containing most of the dry item goods such as the all-important smore-making ingredients did get packed. While we didn't have the most nutritious meal at dinner, dessert was delicious!

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