Saturday, February 11, 2017

Messy in the Middle

"Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end."
~Robin Sharma~

Two years.  

It has been nearly two years since I last posted.  

And a lot of life has happened over these past two years.  

Most of it messy.  Because I'm "in the middle" of messy... living life as a single mother of three...teaching full-time...and dealing with the challenges of a shared custody schedule.

But I still can find reasons to smile...mostly because of these three. Girlfriends and my family help me to find my smile, too.

This was Christmas 2015.  A colleague, who does photography on the side, convinced me to let her take holiday photos for us.  I am so glad I did.  Looking back, I remember how I had to reapply my eye make up because I could not stop crying during the photo shoot...I had only been separated for about four months and my emotions were so raw.

Somehow...I found my smile.

and this SONG reminds me to smile...

As I begin to feel more confident about my new place in life, I am ready to return to blogging.

For me, this little blog has been my online scrapbook about our family life, and when our family life drastically changed, I shied away from documenting those painful days, weeks, and months.

But the reality is what it is, and the kids and I are finding happiness again.  Somehow, those months have now turned into years.  And life is good.  And God is good.  Always.


  1. Welcome back. It sounds like you haven't had it easy lately. I'm sorry to hear that and will be praying for you. Looking forward to joining you in your online scrap booking journey. I've always enjoyed visiting you here.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! You make me feel loved. XXXOOO

  2. Dearest Valerie,
    I am so sorry to hear that your beautiful heart has been hurting.
    Would you believe...I was just thinking of you the other day?!?!
    I am sooo happy you are beginning to find reasons to smile again, and that you are back here in Blogland.
    Hugs my friend.
    Welcome back.

    1. Oh, and I tried to reply to your comment on my blog through email, but it said your Email address wasn't valid?
      Maybe you changed it?

    2. Hopefully, is back to working! I changed my password and was able to get into the account (attached to this blog) last night. And thank you for the love!!! I'm glad to be back! XXXOOO

  3. Val~ I'm so sorry that life has been tumultuous lately, but happy that it appears you're "adjusting" and trusting in the Lord. I'm so proud of you and your positivity and faith!

    So happy that we've been able to stay in touch via fb and love the fact that you're back to blogging. I hope you continue to write regularly bc I've definitely missed you!


    1. I definitely have loved staying in touch via FB! And thank you for your kind words. It hasn't been easy, but it is worth it to keep things cordial for the sake of the kids. They are always my first priority!


  4. Valerie! Oh my word! I'm so happy to see you pop up on my feed!! I hadn't been on my blog for two weeks and just saw this as I was looking over. My dear, I am so sorry for your pain. I wish I could say something else, but know that I'm happy to see you here and happier to keep you in my prayers. God bless!

    1. Patty....I can't tell you how many times you have crossed my mind or how many times I've fondly remembered our "real life" meet up at the coffee house! Thank you so much for your kind words...visits from all of my sweet blogging friends has brought me so much joy. Looking forward to reconnecting!!!


  5. I have wondered about you and your family a lot. Kept watching to see if you would. Thought abut calling but
    wasn't sure if the number I have was still good. Then the business of life jumped in and I missed your posts
    until today.
    Please know how sorry I am to hear this news.
    If you need anything, pleas don not hesitate to let me know.
    I will keep you and the sweet kids in my prayers.

    M : )

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! We MUST get together soon!!! Hugs!


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