Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Because Glitter Makes Everything Better

Happy Valentine's Day!

Later today I will be celebrating all things "love" with 25 of the sweetest 2nd graders.  
(They are a handful, but absolutely delightful.)

Many of my students are "English Language Learners", and thus, not quite as familiar with our typical American classroom holiday traditions.  So, while I have sent home multiple notes and class rosters since January, there are bound to be children that come to school without any valentines to share.  (I always pick up extra packages of valentines for this very reason.)

One tradition that has seemed to gone by the wayside for all students is the art of the "valentine box". Most of my students have asked to make "bags" in the classroom. 


...this morning we decorate with all things sparkly!

Meanwhile, my own three worked hard on their valentines last night.  I was a bit disappointed in our reliance on "boxed" or "store bought" valentines this year, but the kiddos were with their dad over the weekend and we didn't have the opportunity to craft. 
 (There's worse things in life...right...please say "yes"!)

But even though they're store-bought...it's the sentiment that counts.  And all three of my children insisted on addressing valentines to each classmate rather than leaving the "to:" section blank as requested by their teachers.  (I actually encouraged my own students to individually address their valentines...I just think it's more intentional that way.)

And this precious valentine made me smile.  

I think God is smiling too...

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  1. How precious, Val!!!!
    And you are a blessing to those little ones!!!
    How wonderful for those babes to see your smiling face every day at school.
    I agree...I never got the leaving the name blank!!!
    I mean shouldn't they have the chance to pick out individual cards for certain friends?
    Anyway...hugs on this day, my friend.
    You are surrounded with love from so many. : )


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