Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Bangs and Aqua Net

Two weeks ago, my school celebrated Spirit Week.  One day was designated '80s Day.

This mama was able to rock it!  But so were my Third and Fourth Graders.  Maybe because so many of their parents are close to my age, and we all survived our teens in the 1980s!  *smile*

Here are just a few pics of my class from that day as well as Mary and Benjamin.  My principal told me my daughter was my mini-me.  LOL


First, we have early morning hair session…side pony, mall bangs, AQUA NET!

Then we arrived at school and soon my students began filing into my classroom looking like this…

Oh My Gosh…I wanted to die…have you seen "Something About Mary?"  LOL

And then there was these 2nd Grade Cuties!!!

My Sweet Benjamin!!!!

We ended the day with some big bang touch ups, compliments of Mrs. Kueter's AQUA NET!

You know that I teach my own daughter, right?  Our school is so tiny we only have one teacher per TWO grade levels.  Yup, I teach 3rd and 4th and Mary is one of my 4th Graders.  :)

Here are some actual vintage 1980 snapshots!

And for your own trip down memory lane…listen here!


  1. I enjoyed this so much. Brought back great memories. Love the double polo shirt look. I had forgotten that one. Remember those jeans that were two toned....dark in the front and light in the back? Good times, I tell you.
    Love your pretty prom pictures too.

  2. Oh Val!!!!
    I adore this!!!!
    How fun and how very accurate. : )
    I remember the days of spraying my hair to see how wide I could get the sides to stick out!
    And did I read that you are a full time teacher now?
    I thought I remember you being an aide or something...
    If so...congratulations!!!!
    And please keep posting! : )
    Oh...Happy Mother's Day!

  3. So adorable! And how awesome you teach your own daughter. She is a cutie! love those oldie pics too. -Tammy


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