Monday, May 4, 2015

Benjamin's First Holy Communion

Two weeks ago, this little guy made his First Holy Communion.

And he was simply overjoyed to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  H was literally counting down the days until his First Holy Communion.

He was so excited to see his Mimi and Papa…his Grandpa and Grandma Kueter…as well as Great-Grandma Kueter (92) who traveled all the way from Wisconsin!

He was even thrilled about wearing his suit.  (He picked out his own bow tie!)  I think he may well be on his way to becoming the "perfect Southern gentleman".

Benjamin with his 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. G.

And he was overjoyed to have been chosen as a Gift Bearer.  He kept asking me questions about when to get up out of the pew…what he would carry…how he would know when to process forward.  

Oh, if we all only possessed the thrill and excitement about receiving the Body of Christ each Sunday as our First Holy Communicants…can you imagine what a different world this could be?!

This beautiful child, A, was chosen to be a fellow Gift Bearer.  A is wearing a traditional Puerto Rican First Holy Communion dress and veil.  She looked so beautiful.  

Although the day was cold and blustery…not unusual for a Kansas spring day…nothing could dull the light of Christ that burned brightly and warmed us all!

Benjamin with Father Michael.
Benjamin with Father Michael plus Mommy and Daddy
Benjamin with Mimi and Papa

And last but not least, a few cake/table pictures.  Benjamin requested blue…but I didn't want "baby blue" so I went with a fun "Caribbean Blue/Green" theme.  He loved it.

Benjamin's day was beautiful and amazing, and not possible without all the love and support of our family and friends.  It is as day that I will cherish always.



  1. Congratulations to your handsome son. The pictures sure showcase what a beautiful day it was.
    That cake looks yummy!!!

    1. The cake was delicious...but FHC even more so! :) Thanks for your kind words...he looked so handsome up on the altar with his class.

  2. Oh!!!
    Congratulations to your handsome young man, Val!
    And I can see in his face the joy he was feeling!
    And you look wonderful, my friend!!!!!
    So happy you are back. : )

    1. Thanks, Billie Jo! Yes...he was beaming that afternoon. I was so excited for him...he really took this seriously! ;)

  3. Congratulations to Ben and his family on this very blessed day!!

  4. So lovely to see you, YOU look fantastic!!


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