Sunday, December 1, 2013

The December Photo Project

Because life gets so hectic at times…

…and blogging is always the first thing to go…

…I thought I'd sign up to participate in the…

December Photo Project 2013

I'm looking forward to sharing with you the images I capture during the month of December…

…and allowing myself not to have to "write" a lot this month.  

A picture speaks a thousand words, no?

And maybe learning how to shoot in manual mode.  
(I'm still fighting with my camera and "cheating" by flipping the switch back to "automatic".)

Wish to learn more about the dpp?


  1. Looking forward to your photos, my friend!
    Have a wonderful week. : )

  2. I may have to take a peak at this link up :) Enjoy these photo moments! I'm sure you will do a great job!

    1. I love how "low-maintenance" this is! :) Thanks for vote of confidence!


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