Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with December.

So very, very busy…

…but always with worthwhile endeavors.

So often, we say that we "just need to say no".

But when the Christmas Concert at school is part of the performance grade for Music Class…

…and your husband is giving the tour of his Fire Station for your son's Tiger Cub Scout troop…

…when your Catholic Women's prayer group (we are studying the Gospel of Matthew this semester) is such an integral part of your prayer (and friendship) life…

…well, one can begin to feel a bit overwhelmed with commitments.

And to be honest…

…I have said no to some things (much to my daughter's chagrin).  *frown*

"No" to Ecumenical Christmas Caroling at our 155-year old "original" Catholic church on Sunday night (can you even imagine attending Mass on the Kansas prairie 155 years ago?!)…

…"no" to Parent-Watch Night for Mary Catherine's dance class (I feel like a heel!)…it wasn't my carpool night (thank goodness for carpooling!) and the boys were sick (again)…

…"no"to being a chaperon for Mary and Ben's school field trip (today)…which would mean finding daycare for Luke for the day…(ugh)

But tonight is it.  The Tiger Cub tour at the Fire Station is this evening and then we have no more commitments for December until the Weekend of the 21st!


I promise to be back soon to share pictures of all the other things we have been up to and to show you the awesome gifts I received from my new friend, Ellie, of Nova Scotia, Canada.  We participated in a "Grateful Swap" and sent each other care packages.  Ellie and I were a perfect match and she sent me some incredible goodies…many homemade!!!

Thank you, Ellie!  My daughter has already taken the sea glass to school for show and tell!  *smile*


  1. You are dear to my heart, Val...

    For this and many other reasons. : )

    Please know that you are not alone...

    We are really scaling back this year. We are focusing on what is best for our family. And that has indeed meant saying No to some holiday invites.

    Perhaps the biggest...Yikes...is Steve's family Christmas get together.

    Steve is one of seven. He is the baby. That means that many of the twenty plus grandchildren now have children of their own.

    We have had to move the party to a lodge that we rent for the occasion.

    Last year, so many people were there...all crammed into a small space. I could just feel the germs being passed around.

    True to form, Flynn got sick two days later, and despite several trips to the doctor, ended up in The ER on Christmas morning.

    (I realize that it is impossible to avoid getting sick completely...but I am being extra careful this year.)

    In addition, we get together with his family at the end of August every year. And we always attend that.

    We are taking that time to stay home, and are planning our cookie baking day.

    I am ok with this...I really am. I am doing what works for our family. And although others may not agree, I am standing my ground. : )

    Sorry to ramble!!!!

    Hugs, my friend!

  2. I have to admit, saying "no" to things can be empowering for me. Beside, think of others who can then receive the gentle nudge to say "yes" in your place.

  3. Wishes for many moments of joy among the busyness. I love sea glass, too!


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