Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Was Interviewed as a "Health Hero"!!!

Yes, it's really true...I was interviewed by a health/nutrition supplement company as a "Health Hero"! 

Initially, I thought their email contact was spam and so I deleted the original message! But then, while on vacation, I was contacted via email a second time...only with an actual post title of mine in the subject line. So, I took a chance and opened it up. 

At first, I declined their offer to be interviewed. 

I mean, really, 10 weeks of eating healthy does not a "health hero" make! But, their PR/Marketing guy said that I was a perfect candidate for their blog which focuses on real people, making real decisions, that positively impacts their health. 

So, I agreed to the interview.

Pam, the writer I worked with, did an incredible job researching my blog and asking me pointed questions that were specific to me and how I live (or try to live!) life. It especially touched my heart that she recognized the significant role that my faith plays in my everyday living. Thank you, Pam! 

If you are interested in reading my responses to questions about children's developing body images and the media or how I balance the occasional sweet treat with healthy meals, click here.

Thank you so much to ReBody Weight Loss Nutrition for featuring me as one of their "health heroes"!  This was such an incredible confidence-boosting experience.


  1. Valerie-

    Congratulations! What an inspiration you are to so many people. You look fabulous and I bet you feel fabulous. And you are providing a good example for your children in balance and moderation.

    You have much to be proud of!

    God Bless, Kari

  2. Congratulations! That's amazing!

  3. how wonderful!! congrats, Valerie!

  4. Wow, Val, congratulations, what an honor and you definitely ARE a hero, no doubt!!!!
    ps I don' have a "fancy gym membership" either, not necessary!:)

  5. That article is beautiful. It really shines on your positive nature. I loved it. Congrats on the successes.

  6. Congratulations! Good for you. I think you are definitely an inspiration and am so very happy for you!


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