Friday, August 31, 2012

As we Gently Slip into Autumn

So here we are at the end of August and it seems like we were just getting ready to celebrate Mary Catherine's 8th birthday!

Speaking of which, we totally surprised our ballerina-girl with a birthday gift from the American Girl Doll store...the ballerina outfit for her "Just Like Me" doll. She loved it...and I have to admit that the accoutrements for the ensemble are quite adorable!

I find the little leg warmers to be too much!  Of course, my 2004 baby did not understand the proper way to scrunch those puppies...she had them pulled all the way up to Suzanne's knees (yes, she named her American Girl doll "Suzanne") sort of in knee sock fashion! Mama, being a tween and teen of the 1980's showed her the proper way to wear leg warmers!  ;)

And since I'm sharing ballet photos, I will share a couple more of my girl.  Last night was her first night of ballet at her new dance academy.  She loved it...and I loved it even more when we discovered that Miss Amanda (of Miss Amanda's Dance Academy) goes to our parish!  Mary is already counting the days until Sunday to scout her out in the crowd!  

Anyway, I decided to try out a new "Pinterest" hair do that I pinned for Mary.  It is a "messy bun" and quite adorable.  The tutorial was simple to follow and I love how it turned out.  I especially love all the beautiful high lights that you can see in her hair.  She may have fine, limp, fairy-like hair, but her color is truly amazing...she is my flaxen-haired beauty!

And we couldn't let "Suzanne" attend ballet class without a bun in her hair, too...

Yes, I really did do the exact same "Pinterest" hair do on Suzanne!

But back to today...again, I can't hardly believe it is August 31st!  This month seemed to fly by so quickly with beginning of the month birthdays...

It's GREAT to be EIGHT!!!

Guess WHO turned TWO???!!!

And end of month birthdays...

I was so blessed to celebrate with some very special friends last Friday night! These women all belong to my Catholic Women's Group through our parish.  They amaze and inspire me!  And although I am about 10-years older than most of them...they never make me feel that way.  Possibly because we all have children the exact same ages???!!!!

At 43, I think I look pretty good...right???!!!  (Please say, yes!)

Meet the Teacher night at St. Paul...

Mary with her 2nd Grade Teacher

Benjamin with his KINDERGARTEN teacher...who told Ben he could grow up???!!!

Followed up by Open House...

Did you see the sweet little Cross necklace that she always wears?

Notice her wrists...she loves to wear her rosary bracelet!

And finally, to end the month...and maybe the drought...

RAIN...beautiful, gentle, soaking, rains compliments of Tropical Depression Isaac.  And while we certainly keep all of those in the path of destruction from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac in our prayers, we here in the Midwest are so very grateful for these showers!  (Our farmers have experienced devastating crop losses here in the Heartland.)

View from our Front Porch

After 10 years,  these lots across the street have never sold.  There's a deep ravine behind those trees.
The overcast/rainy weather inspired me to do some Spring cleaning...or should I say Fall nesting?  I took down all the leftover summer decor...beach bags, flip flops, birthday cards, summery-scented candles, seashell collections, etc. and packed them away for future's next summer.  

Having a clean slate, I washed windows, mopped hardwoods, dusted in the high spots, and am beginning to prepare for Autumn's glory...probably my most favorite season of the four!  And although September 1st/Labor Day weekend does not technically start the season of Fall, it does for me!

Wishing you a delightful Labor Day weekend full of good food, good friends/family, and good times!



  1. Happy birthday to both your beautiful daughter and handsome son! The bun is precious and I can just imagine being a precious 8 year old, scouting out my dance teacher at church. She will go to bed on Saturday thinking about it with excitement. Doll clothes are so much fun. Happy that you are receiving the much needed rain up there! And by the way, you do look much younger than 43!

  2. What a sweet and fun birthday Mary had! I just love those American Girl Dolls! Boy, I wish WE had been able to play with such a great doll...and the leg warmers are simply adorable!

    So glad you all got a little rain. I have felt so bad for the farmers in the Heartland. And is starting to feel like Fall. It is my favorite season, too!



  3. Happy birthday to ALL! The kids get cuter each day.
    Thank goodness for the rain.

    It does weem like a switch has been flipped with the arrival of Labor Day.

    Enjoy today and tomorrow.

    M :)

  4. Our children grow up so fast. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday. The doll's outfit was a nice surprise.

    Today when I got up there was a little nip in the air.


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