Monday, November 7, 2011

Tooth Fairy and the GPS


After YEARS of waiting...

...the Tooth Fairy gets to add our DeSoto address into her GPS system.

Yes, it's true, Mary Catherine FINALLY lost her first tooth!

She's ONLY 7-YEARS OLD for pete's sake! :)

She is beyond excited about tonight...and tooth #2 is about to fall out as well...although she won't let me pull it.

And can I tell you a little secret...I was so happy that it fell out home. The kiddos are off of school for teacher in-service. Yay!

There's something magical about losing that first baby tooth...and can I say she just "looks" so much more grown up!

Happy Monday! 

Just a bit shocked...

Now we're all smiles!


  1. There really is something magical about loosing your first tooth. Glad the tooth fairy will be going to your house now. For Christmas she might be asking for her two front teeth! :)

  2. Oh, losing teeth, DOES change the way they look, that's for sure!!
    (she's adorable!)

    Our 2 oldest girls moved to the basement this past end of the summer and my 7 year old lost a tooth and the tooth fairy forgot to leave a buck under her pillow!!! She, of course, blamed it on the fact that the tooth fairy didn't know she moved to the basement!! So she wrote her a note and the next night the tooth fairy remembered!!

    it's a fun age!

  3. We have no loose "tooths" here yet. But my daughter is talking about it since her cousins are losing their first ones. Your daughter's smile is delightful!! Does she talk with a little lisp -- og I think that is so precious when that happens! yay for the tooth fairy visiting.

  4. ooops. that should be Oh not og. :)

  5. It is too bad her jack o' lantern smile did not show up until after Halloween! She looks so cute and so happy!

    I wanted to let you know I included your blog in my list of blog awards, than I noticed you were already on Gardenia's list too. Oh well, I left you on mine anyway! You are doubly blessed, I guess! :)

  6. my middle daughter is loosing teeth right now too :) visiting from Kari's blog Overflow!

  7. I am sure the tooth fairy was really good to Miss Mary.



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