Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hug Your Kids!

I know that for most of us this is a no-brainer...

I know that for most of us cherishing our children and seeing them as blessings is second nature...

but I also know how easy it is to become busy with the day to day of living and that sometimes...

just sometimes...

we take for granted these little lives that are with us.

It's times like these...when a story like this one hits home especially hard.

This afternoon,

while in our small-town Dollar General

I noticed a disheveled-looking Black man, in camo, with red-rimmed eyes, paying an inordinate amount of attention to my two older children.  I moseyed towards the coloring books and toy aisle to overhear this gentlemen telling Benjamin that Matchbox cars were his favorite, too, when he was little.

No harm.  No foul.

Then, at the checkout counter, he was behind me.  
Talking to Luke, trying to get him to smile.  

And although his breath didn't smell like whiskey, I couldn't get over those watery eyes.

And it was then that he said to me...

"Ma'am, your children sure are beautiful.  Make sure you hug them a little bit tighter tonight.  You see, tomorrow, I'm burying my 4-week old grandson.

My heart stopped for just a moment.

Crib death...

3:00 AM...

Every mother's worst nightmare...

And then I felt my cheeks, burning hot with shame.  

For making assumptions...

child-molester, kidnapper, drunk...

...grieving grandparent 

never crossed my mind.

And while it is true that we must be constantly vigilant with regard to our children's safety...we must never let our "fear" of those that are different from us stop us from interacting and forming relationship with others. 

Tonight, I ask that you keep this family, grieving deeply over the loss of their precious grandson, in your thoughts and prayers.  I pray that our Heavenly Father might console them as only He can.

In Christ,


  1. I'm bawling now!!!! That was beautiful, thanks for sharing. This family will never even know the amount of prayers they will get because of their kind grandpa and his encounter with you!

  2. Wow. I am speechless. Thank you for the reminder. I hope God used the sight of your children to give that grieving grandpa a glimpse of His love. Praying for that family today.

  3. It's so sad. Praying for that family. I love that you shared this and how you were quick to judge and admit your faults. I think we've all been there before.

  4. Very awesome post :)

  5. Great thoughts!
    Prayers and blessings for this family. May God's healing touch give them peace!


  6. Oh Sweetheart, What a story to share... and though I hug and kiss all over my chickens a million times a day - is it ever enough?
    It sounds so cliché to say that "everyone has a story" but I am so glad you found out this mans story so you could share it with the world.
    Much love...
    The Parisienne Farmgirl

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  8. Oh, how very sad. I think we all assume the worst as a way of protecting ourselves and our loved ones. It's sad that all the bad things in the world have made us think that we should. God bless him and his family.

    I sent you an email about my Pinterest account as well!

  9. Oh, Valerie, this is a lovely post, with a message we all need to hear. thank you for sharing. ((love your new blog header!!)


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